Industrial Design Job Description Sample

Industrial design job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

This role involves actualizing ideas for automated manufactured products like such toys, automobiles and home systems. Industrial designers are articulate in merging creative arts, engineering, and business to produce useful day-to-day items for people’s needs. Industrial designers concentrate more on the feedback from users and clients and use the gathered reports to design modules and feature of certain gadgets.

Industrial designers usually deal with one product type like household furniture, cars, and housewares. Some designers specialize in the production of medical equipment, some deal in electronics gadgets like computers or mobile phones. Meanwhile, others work on coming up with fine concepts for unique snowboards and bicycles. Designers that work in manufacturing companies design the physical aspects of a brand.

They are equipped with broad imaginative instincts and the ability to express their imaginations in the new product they manufacture. They also produce several industrial products after accurate sketching on paper to get solutions for mechanical processes.

Designers make the selection of the right materials and tools, color and finishing for the product about to be produced.

Designers need computers to carry out their work. They usually include computer-aided- design (CAD) in their production. The two most common ones are two-dimensional CAD software useful for sketching imaginations and three-dimensional CAD software used to turn two-dimensional designs into models through the use of three-dimensional printers.

Industrial Design Job Description Sample

Position: Industrial Design

Degree: A bachelor’s degree in industrial design, architecture, or engineering. A Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) is also a valuable criterion.

Working condition: Has to be in the office, testing sites, centers for design works, exhibition grounds, manufacturing factories and clients’ homes or offices,


  • Must possess analytical skills needed for logical thinking. Reasoning skill is also required to produce consumer-appeal products.
  • You must be artistic and creative in expressing your imaginations and ideas in your illustrations.
  • You must be proficient in computer usage and CAD adaptation to create your models.
  • You must be unique in your creations and know how to incorporate modern technologies into your designs.
  • Interpersonal skills are essential in working with co-workers and clients to share their professional ideas.
  • You must possess sufficient mechanical skills before applying for the job because wide knowledge on the internal engineering formulas of some products you will work on must be well understood.
  • Should be adept at recognizing broad design issues like size, need and cost of a product, predict complications, bring up options, examine alternatives, and proffer solutions.

Key responsibilities

  • Required to provide industrial designs for old and new products, the performance of research for the available designs, document maintenance and ensure strict adherence to all design benchmarks.
  • Responsible for the preparations of all available models for industrial products and coordinate the performance of all programs needed for field investigations.
  • Required to take part in all research programs and make ready the needed project plans. Collaborate with other designers and engineers to create excellent consumer satisfaction products.
  • Responsible for amassing all needed details to work out front end plans and give out guidelines for programs.
  • 3D, ISO, GMP and Olympus Corporate Product Design will require optimum expertise maintenance by the designers. Strict compliance with the technical usage of these softwares must be monitored as well.