Entry Level Research Assistant Resume Sample

Here is a sample of entry level research assistant resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for an undergraduate research assistant, psychology research assistant, biology research assistant, achievement research assistant, and molecular biology research assistant.


The most useful resources for educational sectors that work for making studying more comfortable for students through their research skills. They work with teachers, students and librarians to conduct research activities. These engaging research assistants may choose to take up field of their interests, as the subject of research at the academic level is much wider. They are entrusted with data collection tasks, planning and conducting experiments, interviews with field experts, surveying and coordination with a large group in the appropriate area.


  • Excellent work experience in various research scenarios
  • Strong interest in research projects and academics
  • Ability to use spreadsheets and remediation skills
  • Expert for writing and editing technical documents
  • Ability to prepare presentations, write e-mail and collect data
  • Ability to communicate effectively via phone and email
  • Capable of compiling and working with complex search data
  • Adept in preparing reports and summaries of research results

Entry Level Research Assistant Resume Sample with little Experience

Full Name
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A motivated and creative person with great experience in investigating and conducting research into all cases being worked on. Excellent time management skills with highly developed organizational skills.

Looking for the position of an entry level engaging research assistant position with a reputable organization and supporting the research team to make a breakthrough in my field.


  • A highly organized social research assistant, very effective, professional and collaborative,” worked in an accelerated working environment, both individually and as a team.
  • Administrative and secretarial experience in the office environment.
  • Impeccable English: an ideal communication, oral and written.
  • Computer skills: expert for Excel and Word, with experience in digital data entry.
  • Three years of research experience.
  • Organization Time management Multi-user work Interpersonal skills


Entry Level Engaging Research Assistant, ABC Company, Orla, TX
2015 – present

  • Planning and implementing projects: successfully organizing and running several projects.
  • Collecting data from basic research and files: Participating in team research projects and conducting individual researches, including library research.
  • Planning daily activity in accordance with company goals.
  • Taking of phone calls and messages, writing and filling out forms and bibliographies, and preparing correspondence.
  • Keeping accurate records of all analyzed data, input data, recorded procedures and results.
  • Revising, editing and recording relevant materials, establishing distribution schedules and book inventory.
  • Helping to make agreement plans
  • Writing and submitting daily implementation reports as well as weekly survey reports
  • Managing media backups, such as presentations and reports
  • Making suggestions and recommendations to senior management to improve tracking and reporting on progress

Legal Research Assistant, XYZ Company, Orla, TX

  • Managed the preparation of promotional materials, presentations and reports
  • Co-operated with lawyers and legal assistants to address data deficiencies
  • Helps to track and analyze data from multiple domains
  • Aided lawyers in assessing settlement impact
  • Assisted lawyers and legal assistants to develop settlement plans
  • Co-operated with the senior team, monitor the progress of the county


Bachelor’s Degree in Science

ABC University, Houston, TX



Available on request

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