Emergency Room Nurse Job Description Sample

Emergency Room Nurse Job Description Sample

Emergency room nurse job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Nurses care for the sick, injured, rehabilitated or disabled people. Under general supervision, they provide care to patients by utilizing the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation and evaluation of care, according to the established philosophy. Nurses co-operate with other professional disciplines to ensure effective patient delivery and patient outcomes. Nurses interact effectively together with the patient and other important people while maintaining professional care standards. The nature of the direction and control required for this position depends on state and position setting. Emergency Room Nurses provide patient care for various types of illness or injury requiring urgent care and must be able to recognize and effectively treat life-threatening conditions.


  • ER Nurses provide direct and individualized care for patients by applying the scientific nursing principles. In addition to general care, the duties of emergency room nurses include (but are not limited to):
  • Collect current symptoms and detailed patient history, then consult and coordinate with members of the healthcare team to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care plans.
  • Perform triage, taking into account physical and psychosocial elements
  • Manages the basic needs of life support and stabilizes patients until the doctor is available, in accordance with standards and care protocol.
  • Start corrective action when information from monitoring equipment start showing unwanted symptoms
  • Write down the current vital signs of patients
  • Work directly with doctors, assisting them during exams, diagnostic tests, and treatments
  • Prepares and manages (oral, subcutaneous, intravenous) and registers prescribed medications.
  • Reports harmful reactions to medicines or treatments according to the policy regarding the administration of a registered nurse
  • Provides IV therapy
  • Clean and cover wounds
  • Provides basic bedside care
  • Keeping adequate supplies and appropriate medical equipment for the treatment of patients
  • Report suspected abuse to the relevant agencies
  • Start a patient education plan, as prescribed by the doctor. Teaches the patients and other people how to manage their illness by explaining home care needs after food/ nutrition/exercise, self-medication and rehabilitation programs, as well as references to other healthcare professionals to track their treatment
  • Demonstrate professionalism by executing a few urgent tasks in a timely manner
  • Record all care information in a summarized, accurate and complete, timely manner, in the appropriate format and in the proper forms
  • Perform other tasks associated with the assigned position, depending on the task settings

Position Requirements

  • Graduate from an accredited nursing degree
  • Current nursing license, in good status with the State Certification Board
  • At least one (1) years of experience working as an Emergency Room (ER) Nurse
  • Current federal, state and GHR credentials are also required
  • Cognitive skills related to the position


  • Competent ability to plan and organize emergency room services.
  • Great ability to create a positive working environment and emergency room services management.
  • Well-known customer service and hospital administration.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Exceptionally good in planning, budgeting, and development.
  • Deep organizational and interpersonal skills.