Flight Attendant Job Description Sample

Flight attendant job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Airlines are an essential mean of traveling these days. The journeys are mostly long and can be of 10-12 hours at least. On such a long trip, it is vital to make sure that the passengers get the best services. The expenses of an air travel are very high, so the comfort of the passengers is their absolute duty. The flight attendants provide this. They are well trained. They are taught to accommodate the passengers well during the flight.

They have to help them in placing their luggage in the luggage cabinets safely. Serving them meals is an essential aspect of this job. They must be patient, ambient and well-behaved. They should deal the passengers well and help them in any case of emergency. They must be able to solve the queries of the passengers. If you are looking to hire a flight attendant for your airline company, make sure that you get the job description right. List all the requirements in the job description to avoid any inconvenience.

Flight Attendant Job Description Sample

Position: Flight Attendant

Degree: Masters in Marketing and a valid training to be a flight attendant

Working conditions: Has to travel a lot and has to work flexible hours and according to the schedule of the airline


  • Must have an MBA or a Master degree in Marketing along with a course of being a flight attendant from any valid institute
  • Must have at least three years of experience with any airline company whether domestic or international
  • Must have excellent verbal and written skills as they have to deal with the passengers directly
  • Must be confident and have excellent communication skills to help the passengers during the flight
  • Must have presentation and demonstration skills as they have to demonstrate the emergency procedures to the passengers
  • Must be able to meet up the deadlines as they have to work flexible hours on a flight
  • Must have amiable manners
  • Must have excellent organizational and managerial skills as they will be serving the meals and all the other stuff to the passengers
  • Must be able to persuade the passengers with his interpersonal skills
  • Must have training related to first aid

Key responsibilities:

We at Fair Fly Airlines are looking to hire a Flight Attendant for our Damascus based flights. We want a person who has gained enough experience in the field. We want a person who has done the flight training from a good institute. He must have incredible interpersonal skills to handle the passengers. He must be patient and amiable as a well-mannered person will be preferred for this job.

He will have to work flexible hours as the flight schedule could be modified anytime during the job. He will have to travel a lot. He will be provided with the company’s accommodation on foreign travels. We are offering a handsome salary package for an experienced individual. If you think you have the credentials to do this job, do apply for it.