Licensed Practical Nurse Job Description Sample

Licensed practical nurse job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Nursing has been a very noble profession, but in the earlier days it gained great importance, and the job did not pay that well. However, in the last century, the profession grew in importance, wages rose and many people began to go there. Even though many people tried this career, there was still a shortage of nurses. As a result, many schools have started courses for Licensed Practical Nurses. In this course, students learn to provide at least basic care for the patient.

The LPN’s great advantage is that this profession is not affected by the recession because this work belongs to the healthcare industry, and medical care has not been hit during the financial crisis. Many people even take this job as a way of earning money. Responsibilities with this job are not much, besides; much can be learned in this profession.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Checking vital signs of the patient: blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing and temperature
  • Complete the application form for patients, mentioning their medical history and getting details of their insurance, all the pre-treatment formalities
  • Follow the order of doctors and registered nurses
  • If the patient is injured, then the LPN has an obligation to control the injury and clean and cover the wound if necessary.
  • Prepare patients before any medical examination
  • Must give medication to the patients and inject them the moment the doctor decides
  • Must provide the need to take care of the patient’s personal hygiene, such as washing, treatment, etc. If the patient cannot bath on their own, the LPN must give them sponge baths
  • After discharge of the patient from the hospital, the LPN must notify the patient’s relative about the time when they will provide him with medications and when to take him to checkups.
  • Contact patients for treatment to identify progress, side effects of medication etc.
  • Monitoring patient status, including intake and production of fluid, and patient chart
  • Help patients in everyday activities such as eating, bathing etc.
  • Give injections, prescribe medications, enemas, etc., Clean and dress wounds and help with other basic health care tasks
  • Collect samples for laboratory tests as assigned
  • Provide emotional and psychological support when needed
  • Communicate with patient family or friends to provide tips, instructions for comfort and release


  • Experience as an LPN or similar role
  • Ability to undertake different tasks of care unit and work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Knowledge of health, safety and hygiene standards and hospital procedures
  • Understanding the obligations of confidentiality and best nursing practices
  • Excellent knowledge of medical and hospital terminology
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and data entry
  • Perfect physical condition and endurance
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Compassionate and able to handle stress
  • The successful completion of an LPN licensing program is required


  • Comprehensive knowledge of medical procedures and techniques
  • Experienced in assisting doctors with operations and preparing operating rooms
  • Fully know the principles of hygiene and sterile techniques
  • Commitment to patient care and patient integrity
  • Ability to work with minimal control and autonomy
  • Readiness to wait and work after regular hours and provide any support to the medical team