Sample Dispatcher Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Dispatcher Interview Questions and Answers

It is impossible to accurately predict all the questions you will face in the interview room. Notwithstanding, you can anticipate few questions among which are common on such interview, which will assist you to better prepare for your interview session with the interviewer.

Sample Dispatcher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Why did you pursue a dispatcher career?

It is no hearsay that a dispatch job can be quite difficult, stressful and straining. This is a fact that the interviewer is aware of.


This question demands your honesty, but do not make the mistake of mentioning the salary/benefits. Rather, you should focus on the importance of a dispatcher in times of emergency and how life-saving the job is. Dispatchers calm upset or stressed people during emergency situations and also keep record of cogent information. Use this as your stronghold while answering the question.

Q. What is your best working environment?

The answer you provide to this question will help the interviewer know how well you would fit the company’s present working environment.


Although it might be tempting to tell them about your natural leader ship skills, but the appropriate answer is “I am comfortable working within groups as well as independently. Although I am experienced when it comes to leading a team, I am also capable of following instructions that are provided to me in my line of duty.”

Q. Do you think you handle stress well?

The job of a dispatcher is unequivocally stressful. You will reaching every possible appropriate agencies in times of emergency. In the space of seconds, you must contact hospitals, police, EMTs fire department and other relevant


While answering this question, it will be okay for you to mention the stress relieving activities you engage in off work. “I take yoga classes every weekend and meditate every night before going to bed. This keep me refreshed all day” will be a great answer to this question.

Why are you the best for the job?

  1. When you are asked this kind of question, you have to answer with a blend of your education, experience and personal qualities.


An appropriate answer is “I have dedicated my life to helping people in crises. I am a graduate of Emergency Management at Zigzag Institute. I am also certified in AED and CPR. In addition, I have worked as an EMT for about 2 years so I am conversant with the requirement of a dispatcher job.” This is a short answer that shows the interviewer that you are well informed and capable of handling the job.


Commit to knowing the common dispatch codes used by emergency personnel, you may be tested on them during the interview.

With the above highlighted dispatcher interview questions and answers, it is important for you to stay positive while responding to questions thrown at you. Display a confident and calm demeanor to make yourself a likeable prospect.