Customer Service Manager Job Description Sample

Customer Service Manager Job Description Sample

Customer service manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The position of a customer service manager entails functioning as both a manager overseeing the functions of customer care personnel and also serving as a one-man complaints and inquiry commission where customers can table their complaints and inquiries, with you attending to them swiftly and efficiently. Note that the goal of this position is to maintain the efficiency of the customer service department, and to run it in a manner that ensures maximum profit. However, not at the detriment of quality customer service. This is because customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention are core in this line of business.

The job of a customer service manager entails you having to enhance the customer service experience, relate professionally with customers persuading them to remain constant in patronage. Note that these, however, cannot be done if the customer service is faulty.

Some of the functions of the office of the customer service manager include, but is not limited to:

  • Improve the working of the customer service department, to enhance customer service experience and engender overall growth
  • As it has been highlighted above, you would be responsible for attending to the inquiries and complaints customers may have, and will take charge of seeing to the total resolving of customer complaints and implementation of new policies that would forestall complaints.
  • Maintain detailed, accurate records and documents of all the actions taken in the department, and the analyzing of such records to influence in strategic planning.
  • Regulate the use of resources and utilize assets maximally to succeed in reaching desired goals, both in quantity and quality.
  • Being up to date with the happenings in the world and how it relates to the customer service department, and implementing favorable policies.
  • Achieves customer service goals by assisting in providing for customer service information and proposals for strategic plans and reviews.
  • Recruit, mentor and develop customer service interns efficiently, to maintain the workflow.
  • Maintain contact with customers over a long period, to ascertain durability of customer service, and modify things that need modification in the department.

Here are basic skills that would help facilitate efficient delivery of your functions as a customer service manager:

  • You need to possess a persuasive acumen that customers cannot resist but respond to your persuasion positively.
  • You need to be proficient in the use of English, and communication skills, to accurately pass messages to customers devoid of ambiguity.
  • Be good in interpersonal relationship, and engage customers in a friendly manner. That would go a long way in shaping their mindset about the company, thus retaining them.
  • Be proficient in multitasking, and intricate managerial, analytical reasoning, to flow well with the managerial functions of the office.

Besides the highlighted requirements of the office of a customer service manager, it is important to note the place of educational qualification, without which the job cannot be secured in the first instance. The basic requirement in education is at least a diploma in Business Administration and other related courses.

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