IT Sales Job Description Sample

IT Sales Job Description Sample

IT sales job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The world has evolved in this new era, and the recent development is due to the technological advancements in the global age. Therefore, business owners are fast-tracking their plans to key into the vision of the cyberspace.

This is where an IT sales comes into the picture. An IT sales is a member of a sales team and a consultant. He specializes in selling software and hardware products.

This role is divided into three major aspects, the pre-sales area which involves providing accurate information about technical specifications and how they could meet a customer’s needs. This often includes presenting these features before a sale. But sometimes, the pre-sale stage can entail response to a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) and reply to a more detailed information to tender (ITT) document.

The second stage which is the real sale is more on negotiation on a commercial agreement aimed at profiting both the customer and supplier.

The final stage which is the technical support occasionally includes resolving defects and problems, utilizing the use of software features, as well as offering advice on appropriate user training.

IT sales may work only as a technical expert in a large firm, while in a smaller one he will likely need to combine technical advice with an all-encompassing sales role.

An IT sales representative may choose to become a consultant or venture into lecturing, training or post-sales.

IT Sales Job Description Sample

Position: IT sales

Degree: A Bachelor’s degree in IT, computing, programming and software engineering and computer science, BTEC/SQA National Diploma, Maths, and physics.  Business, Arts, and humanities may also be accepted.

Working condition: Has to work in an office and sometimes at home.


  • Certification in Computer Studies, IT or Networking. BTEC/SQA higher national diplomas, Level 4 Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB) BSc are highly advantageous, City & Guilds Higher Professional Diploma in Information Management using ICT.
  • Efficient marketing skills.
  • Must have flawless technical knowledge
  • Must have a keen interest in IT issues and intricacies.
  • Must have convincing presentation skills.
  • Must be able to write reports and proposals.
  • You must possess the capacity to work well on your own and be a vibrant team player.
  • Must know how to bargain coherently.
  • You must have the ability tomanage your time and plan your day.
  • Must have a good driving skill and a driver’s license.
  • Must have patience and ability to interpret technical terms for non-technical individuals.

Key responsibilities

  • Required to attend initial sales meetings and schedule meetings with the client.
  • Required to determinea client’s business obligations and to know whether the products being considered are suitable.
  • Responsible for making decisions on whether the software or hardware needs adapting to meet the client’s needs.
  • Required to provide answers to any technical questions the client might have.
  • You are expected to present your findings to a technical team to work on, and then to the client.
  • Required to travel constantly on official assignments.