Insurance Agent Job Description Sample

Insurance Agent Job Description Sample

Insurance agent job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The job of an insurance agent can be likened to the role of a mother reassuring her frightened kids over a storm. The insurance agent serves as one who assures clients that their investments of goods, businesses and or properties are safe irrespective of unforeseen prevailing circumstances. Needless to say, as an insurance agent, you would be working for an insurance company to reach out to both new and existing clients for the sale of insurance. Your actions as an agent for an insurance company will go a long way in expanding the company’s client’s base as you get to meet with potential clients, discuss business with them, getting details as to their needs and the available option your company would provide about the need. You would further be on the path of retaining old clients and attending professionally to issues that may arise as a result of discomfort.

Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to ensure that company policies maintain a dynamic flow of being up to date with the happenings around. Hence, you would also need to be on your toes, keeping yourself up to date. Your actions, needless to say, would inadvertently set the company on a path of stable profit.

Having gotten a fair idea of what you’ll be engaged in as an insurance agent, here are a few skills you need to place in your arsenal, to aid effective and less strained workflow:

  • You’ll need to possess a strong interpersonal relationship capacity, while maintaining your professionalism, to relate easily and give the right impression to clients.
  • You need to be up to date as regards world-wide news, to know what pro advice you can proffer to the company you work with, to restructure its policies.
  • You need to possess an adept capacity in latest office technological devices.
  • Being able to multitask is also a necessary skill for you as an insurance agent, as you would be engaged in a lot of office work with each one having its deadline. Hence, the need for not just an adept skill at time management, but also at attending to different assignments simultaneously while still maintaining accuracy and efficiency.
  • You need to be adept at public speaking besides being able to talk to clients one on one.
  • You need to hone your analytical skills and pay attention to details, especially when it comes to modification of company policies, and making deals with clients.

It would interest you to know that though the work of an insurance agent seems tasking (virtually all works are tasking), the pay compensates for its tasking nature as you would be looking at a paycheck of $15 – 20 per hour, or that of five digits in dollars per annum.

Conclusively, you should know that possessing the relevant skills are not enough to qualify you for any job (an insurance agent job being inclusive). So, for you to start your career as an insurance agent, you’ll be in need of a bachelor’s degree in the relevant course of study.

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