Best 50+ Covering Letter Samples for Job Application

If you have not written a cover letter before, consider checking some covering letter samples for job application here.

Best 50+ Covering Letter Samples for Job Application

Administrative / Office | Marketing | Sales
IT/ Technology | Finance / Accounting | Banking
Teaching | Healthcare | Restaurant & Hospitality 
Law / Legal | Executives | Intern  | Other

How to Write a Good Cover Letter for a Job Vacancy

Do you ever wonder whether recruitment professionals still read cover letters?  Some hiring experts will read them, while others will not bother to do so unless the resume grabs their attention.

An application letter for a job vacancy is your first opportunity to make a lasting impression, so use this chance to showcase your best skills.

When sending your resume to potential employers, always include a cover letter unless otherwise stated. A great job application cover letter should persuade a potential employer to read through your application in detail and call you for an interview. These tips on how to write a good cover letter will help you if you are searching for a new job.

Information to incorporate in your job application cover letter

A cover letter gives an employer a sense of the person that you are. It should also clearly explain the skills you will add to the job.

Give the potential employer the reasons why you would like to join their company and the specific role that you are capable of. When you show sincere interest, you are noticeable among the other applicants. Therefore, it’s important to customize your cover letter so that it can specifically relate to every job application.

How to organize your job application cover letter

A cover letter is usually one or two pages long.

The letter should address the appropriate person.

Avoid beginning with “Dear Sir/Madam”. If you are unsure who to address, carry out some research on the company. The internet is a great place to start your research, and you can use sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. If you cannot find the information on the internet, make a phone call to the employer and ask.

Double check the names and titles. It’s important to spell them correctly.

Opening paragraph

Begin with a short introduction about who you are and clearly state the position you are applying for. Say how you found out about the position; this assists the organization in establishing the best way to advertise vacancies. If you learned about it through a friend, ensure that you mention that person’s name in this paragraph, too.

Make a statement that will convince the employer you are the right candidate for the job.

Mention your skills and academic qualifications

Here, write a short paragraph to show that you can perform the job well and that your qualifications match the employer’s needs. Your resume must explain your relevant experience, achievements, skills, and training. However, if you’ve not been requested to include a resume, incorporate this information into your cover letter.

Wording your job application cover letter

  • Keep it professional but friendly.
  • Make your cover letter captivating to read, yet short and concise. It should not be a repetition of your resume.
  • Avoid being pushy; rather aim to be bold. Do not beg for the job.
  • Use language that is easy to read and understand, while avoiding clichés and stock expressions.
  • Use affirmative words like “I can” or “I have.”
  • Do not use words or phrases that give the sense that you are not confident enough in your skills, for example, “some knowledge.”
  • Avoid starting every new paragraph or sentence with the word “I.”

Closing paragraph

Finish up your job application cover letter professionally. Think about something formal like: “Thank you for considering my application”. 

With a job application cover letter that is outstanding, the hiring manager will be convinced that you are worthy of being invited to an interview.

Covering Letter Samples for Job Application by Industry

One of the most common concerns facing the unemployed is how to write a good cover letter. The resume itself is stressful enough, with conflicting suggestions and difficult phrase usage, but the cover letter confuses even the most adept at applying for jobs. The most effective method of understanding the cover letter writing process is to look at examples for the specific job that is desired.

Covering letter sample per industry is the preferred way, but occasionally people appreciate a detailed description of the process in conjunction with said sample. The important thing to remember, though, is that the exact depiction of a cover letter should be based on the entire field; instead of picking a good cover letter example, make sure that the one you select is specifically related to the industry in question.

What Are Cover Letter Basics? What are Elements of Good Cover Letter for CV?

A cover letter with experience – The point of a cover letter is to introduce a prospective employer to the fundamental facets of your experience. Because a cover letter can mean the difference between a rejection email and an interview, paying close attention to the specifics can be incredibly important. Employers are generally incredibly busy individuals with more concerns than simply filling a particular position, so the cover letter lets them know immediately whether or not you are right for the job without forcing them to inspect in much detail. It is also the best opportunity you have to let your personality shine through, which can be pivotal to landing a choice job.

Why Should Good Cover Letters Be Sorted By Industry?

Because different industries are looking for different things out of their available positions, effective cover letters should be tailored to reflect the values of those fields. Cover letter samples can be found per industry, because this is an opportune way to learn about the important aspects of your desired employment that should be relayed. Cover letters tend to be relatively general, but that does not mean you can create one that you use for every prospective employment opportunity. Businesses need to feel like they matter, and you should tailor the cover letter to the specifics of the industry in order to feed their ego and secure the interview. 

Free Cover Letter Samples

See how to write a good cover letter by the covering letter samples for job application below.

Accounting and Finance

1. Financial Analyst Cover Letter
2. Staff Accountant Cover Letter
3. Senior Accountant Cover Letter
4. Account Manager Cover Letter

Administrative / Support

1. Administrative Assistant Cover Letter
2. Office Assistant Cover Letter
3. Secretary Cover Letter
4. Executive Assistant Cover Letter
5. Receptionist Cover Letter
6. Research Assistant Cover Letter


1. Bank Teller Cover Letter


1. Teacher Cover Letter
2. Teaching Assistant Cover Letter
3. Preschool Teacher Cover Letter
4. Elementary Teacher Cover Letter


1. Management Cover Letter
2. Project Manager Cover Letter
3. Restaurant Manager Cover Letter
4. Office Manager Cover Letter


1. Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter
2. Medical Assistant Cover Letter
3. Massage Therapist Cover Letter
4. Medical Receptionist Cover Letter
5. Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter
6. Registered Nurse Cover Letter
7. Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter
8. Dental Assistant Cover Letter
9. Licensed Practical Nurse Cover Letter
10. Caregiver Cover Letter


1. Chef Cover Letter
2. Receptionist Cover Letter
3. Cashier Cover Letter
4. Bartender Cover Letter
5. Customer Service Representative Cover Letter


1. Intern Cover Letter

IT – Technology

1. Software Engineer Cover Letter
2. Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Law & Security

1. Legal Assistant Cover Letter
2. Security Officer Cover Letter
3. Paralegal Cover Letter
4. Legal Secretary Cover Letter


1. Marketing Cover Letter
2. Marketing Manager Cover Letter
3. Public Relations Cover Letter
4. Business Analyst Cover Letter


1. Sales Manager Cover Letter
2. Sales Associate Cover Letter
3. Salesperson Cover Letter

1. Retail Cover Letter
2. Electrician Cover Letter
3. Engineering Cover Letter
4. Recruiter Cover Letter

On this website, you will find a plethora of different industry-oriented covering letter samples for job application. Those will help you determine what things should be included in your cover letter and aid you in your employment search.