Resume with Accomplishments Section

Resume Including Accomplishments

The example below shows a resume with a section for accomplishments. In this part you can add details of your achievements, special interests, projects and activities, and highlight your special areas of expertise.

Here is an example of the resume with accomplishments section


236 Ocean Boulevard Miami Florida 33129

Mobile 674-236-47242 E-mail


Recipient of many awards for films and TV arrangements. A mature professional, highly respected and recognized within the animation industry, with a distinctive flair for creating exceptional and trademark work. Inspires teamwork to bring out the best in studio gangs through strong motivation and leadership; well-liked as a boss.

“I worked with Simon on a number of Disney productions and it was a rare pleasure to share the company of a truly passionate individual who brings his exceptional qualities to the set.”

Stephen Simpson Senior Marketing Executive

Walt Disney Pictures Ltd.


  • Senior Animation Director for the new Disney Beauty and the Beast, which won the American Platinum Globe Award (2010) for best children’s feature
  • Honored by the New York film academy for his work on laser animations technology applications 2009
  • Voted best screenplay animation director by the Chicago Film Critics Association 2008


Walt Disney Pictures Ltd. (2005 – Present)

Senior Animation Director (2010 – Present)
Animation Director (2005 – 2010)

Joined the company at director level and soon made his mark as an outstanding leader and role model for many young aspiring filmmakers, taking camera layouts and visual artistry to a new level.

Telstar Children’s Animation Studio (1997 – 2005)
Animation Manager
(2000 – 2005)
Senior Animator (1997 – 2000)

Learned the rudiments of the trade at Telstar Studios with success in a variety of children’s productions including Henry the Wonder Horse (1998) and Animal Farm (1999) which won acclaim from film critics