Resume Including a Branding Statement

Resume Including a Branding Statement

One of the latest trends in resume design involves the use of a personal branding statement to draw the reader’s attention. A branding statement should be brief and memorable – no more than 15 words – and should represent your unique qualities and expertise. You can add the depth and details in a longer summary statement later on.

Writing a good branding statement isn’t necessarily simple, so try to follow these guidelines. Your goal is to stand out from other candidates, so you have to differentiate yourself by specifying the skills, experience or other qualities which make you unique. You should also try to show how you can deliver results for an employer in your target industry. You may need to tailor your branding statement to fit the position you’re applying for to make sure it precisely hits the mark.

Before you start to write, make a list of all your key achievements which are related to the job you want. Think about the personal characteristics and attributes you applied in producing those accomplishments. Then consider the job you’re applying for and look for the ways in which the qualities you’ve listed will be relevant to that role.

Now think about your strengths, and summarize them with three or four key adjectives. Then you can fit these adjectives into your statement, imbuing it with the true essence of the value you can bring to your desired role.

Here is an example of the resume including a branding statement


Manchester, England

Mobile 01 747 263 7421 E-mail

MARKETING DIRECTOR  with expertise in Brand Strategy Management

Proven success in business and program development utilizing partnerships to sustain and promote branding

A mature executive with a strong and effective track record to generate and motivate start-up companies to deliver maximum potential. Quickly identifies weaknesses in the overall set-up by viewing the business plan as a whole to plug information gaps and manage solutions. Steadies the ship in unsure waters through integrated and sure-footed guidance in the varied techniques of collaboration, motivation and direction required in modern high-growth environments. A mixed portfolio of experiences through previous high-powered positions including telecommunications, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, IT, advertising and non-profit making government organizations.


  • Marketing strategy and account management
  • Effective integrated communication
  • IT and e-business
  • Branding using social media outlets
  • Customer databases and information acquisition


Unilever Corporation (2012 – Present)

Marketing Consultant

Developed, coordinated and consolidated marketing ideas and strategies within the organization to promote and streamline planning communication, technology and project sustainability. Restructured the marketing and sales teams to deliver acceptable and timely information through a simplified reporting structure to positively identify brand positioning.

Modified company communications and updated e-applications in real time – for quick analysis and correction of inefficiencies. Designed new web content with site design engineers and clients to push branding to a new level through social media applications

Marketing Director (2008 – 2012)

Old Trafford Retail Co., Ltd.

Gave direction to a failing corporate organization to increase sales market share and provide both initiative and growth through customer acquisition and retention. Suggested and brokered strategic partnerships with other local similar businesses to generate more attractive deals with larger market shareholdings, thereby reducing costs and increasing profit margins. Created a novel project ideology by identifying new business opportunities and sourcing customers while always overseeing new ventures through to completion.