Sample of Combination Resume

Combination Resume

One particular type of functional resume is the combination resume, since it allows you to focus on skills while also providing a full work history. This is useful because most employers do like to see your complete employment record. If you adopt this format, you’ll be well-placed to answer any questions which may arise about career changes, working gaps, or similar issue which can cause potential employers to question your suitability.

The combination resume begins with your experience, skills and achievements, and is rather similar to the functional resume, before going on to list your full employment record chronologically, just as the chronological resume would. In this way, you open by highlighting your key attributes, and then give the employer the employment history they like to see. This style has the advantage of immediately grabbing the employer’s attention by showing them that you meet their requirements, before backing up your claims with evidence of your work experience.

An example of a combination resume is shown below.


686 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02674
Tel. 747-666-1234   e- mail


To excel at guidance counseling and support multi-racial impressionable children of school-going age


  • Highly experienced professional who can overcome cultural divisions and build bridges through education with a strong interpersonal communication ability
  • Excellent leadership skills and strong critical thinking analysis to develop ideas
  • Able to build positive relationships in the working environment, resolving problems amicably without undue stress


MA in Education, majoring in counseling
June   2015     Boston University, USA                                                                               

BA in Human Logistics, Boston College
June   2010

Chestnut Hill MA 02468


Madison Park High School, Boston MA 02126

Responsible for the guidance and counseling of 4th-6th grade pupils

Parent/Student Relations

  • Demonstrated a keen interest in information transfer as a liaison official to obtain both parent and student confidence
  • Developed and maintained long-term relationships with parents throughout all stages of the school curricula

Problem resolution

  • Motivated team members through firm but fair leadership to resolve issues and strengthen team bonding
  • Conducted daily briefing workshops to ensure open and clear communication channels

Teaching responsibilities

  • Instructed and assisted in classroom management activities
  • Educated students from diverse backgrounds with wide-ranging social standing and ethnicities
  • Assisted both administrators and staff to maximize available resources


Habitat for Humanity Chapter Office                           

Chapel Hill, Boston MA 03621

Organized fund raising to send fourteen children to a Summer Camp with strong emphasis on social justice and empowerment through fair play