Chef Cover Letter Sample

Professional Chef Cover Letter Sample

Look over a sample of chef cover letter. Here are writing guides, including what to include and how to format. Feel free to copy-paste and edit for your job application.

The chef is a skilled professional who treats the operation of cooking in restaurants, chain restaurants, private homes owned by celebrities or busy families, cafes, cruise or any facility that provides food services. Being an expert in the production of food, the chef works wonders in the kitchen, even with the most common ingredients. Most chefs excel in any particular niche, although many people prefer to work in many areas of food preparation.

Chef roles consist of the following:

  • Prepare, cook and present different types of food to meet the individual needs of customers.
  • Keeping track of all the activities in the kitchen during cooking.
  • Make sure the quality of raw and cooked food to meet the standards.
  • Develop new recipes, daily, etc., taking into account factors such as the availability of seasonal ingredients, planning and talk to chefs, nutritionists and other staff.
  • Help staff to use the new kitchen equipment and innovative cooking techniques to master.
  • Keep an eye on employees to follow the rules of hygiene and work in a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Discussions with clients to create customized menus for special occasions and get feedback on the service of food provided after the day.
  • Providing advice on issues such as budget and buying the necessary things for the whole process in the kitchen.

How to Write a Good Chef Cover Letter

Tips to follow:

  • Start your letter with your personal introduction. Your full name, contact details, address and e-mail address. Align to the right side of your letter.
  • Your personal data, including the date on which you are writing a letter, followed by a recruiter information, such as name, job title, organization name and location. Line up all the information on the left side of your letter.
  • Now, mention the issue of why you are writing this letter to the employer. Have a little and straightforward statement.
  • Start your letter addressing employer. Your first paragraph should state why you wrote the letter, the environment in which the position and the pointer to the attached summary.
  • In the next paragraph try to educate the employers about the skills you possess to like and be perfect for this position. However, make sure not to mention all the skills and use only some of the keywords related to the industry to keep the letter short and precise.
  • Then comes your previous work experience. Mention the overall experience with your employer and current responsibilities carried out in paragraph. Again, keep short and mention only the most important things.
  • Conclude your letter by thanking the employer for their time and consideration. Mention the desire for a personal interview.

Chef Cover Letter Sample

Subject: Application for the position of a Chef

Dear Ramon,

I was at chat & Dine restaurant last night as one of my friends was throwing a birthday party. I am grateful for the invitation to such a wonderful place and made me try such a sumptuous dinner. The quality of food and the way the order was served to me filled with great admiration for their management skills. Only then and there, I decided that this is the establishment I was waiting to work at.

I have a degree in culinary arts from the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management in Los Angeles. Also, I helped executive chef for more than four years. I assisted in planning menus, inventory and order of food and other supplies in a hotel business. I started my period of service in the industry of food as a chef at a local restaurant. I took this opportunity and I became an expert in cooking meat and vegetable dishes, sauces, desserts and pastries.

I also have a nutrition certification and maintenance of excellent creativity and understanding the different types of food recipes. I think the taste and quality are key factors for any successful food industry. I can even manage advanced and control, including parties and social gatherings.

Chat & Dine restaurant was the place where I always wanted to be as an employee. I am very happy to see myself serve your reputable establishment. Please give me the opportunity to meet and show off my culinary skills.

Thanks for your time.


Richard A. Lopez

Enclosure: Resume

**This is only the chef letter sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.