Sample Quality Assurance Manager Job Description

Quality assurance manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The duties and requirements of a quality assurance manager may vary from industry to industry. However, the general responsibilities of the quality assurance manager is to understand the required standard of products and ensure that only quality products get to the consumers.

The quality manager plan, coordinate, and direct quality procedures, they also manage initiative activities to make sure only quality and reliable products leave the company.

They develop, administer and maintain quality assurance procedures activities required to ensure that the company’s products comply with necessary quality standards and regulatory requirements.

The duties of the quality assurance manager include.

  • Overseeing, determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards, and specifications. Also, making sure that the in-house standards are up to the market regulated standards.
  • Assessing market variance and customer requirements and ensuring that these are fulfilled.
  • The quality assurance manager is responsible for setting customer service standards.
  • Identifying and specifying the quality of raw materials used in the process of manufacturing. And also guaranteeing the supply of quality raw materials from suppliers.
  • Ensuring that manufacturing processes comply with regulated standards and overseeing operations to ensure the quality adopted in the procedures and standards of manufacturing.
  • The quality assurance manager determines the training needs of staffs in other to build capacity for delivering quality products.
  • They record, analyze and distribute statistical information to ensure that necessary standards are taken in the manufacturing of products.
  • The Quality Manager, or Quality Assurance Manager, will inspect the product to make sure it is built with compliance to legal standards and meets customer expectations.
  • They must fully understand the requirements for the product or service and must ensure that the product is up to the specified standard of the customers.
  • They establish and maintain effective quality assurance and quality engineering standards that meets the required regulations and standards.

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