Sample Desktop Support Engineer Job Description

Desktop support engineer job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The desktop support engineer Oversee and handles the daily technical support activities on desktop support, data network and server management.

A Desktop Engineer specializes in identifying and solving technical issues for computer users. These issues could be either hardware or software related, and it’s the Desktop Engineer’s job to find problem and implement a solution for the user.

A Desktop Engineer typically works individually, but they may work in small teams if employed by a large organization. They also spend a fair amount of time communicating with users to identify and solve problems relating to the difficulty in using a software or non-functioning hardware, or its components.

They work across a broad range of technologies and collaborate with other professionals to provide solutions and services covering a wide range of computer operations. They provide both technical and non-technical IT solutions to firms, companies, and individuals.

Duties and responsibilities

Desktop Engineers complete a variety of tasks to identity and fix different software and hardware problems.

They setup the desktop structure, install software on the computers, Install and test desktop software applications.

Carrying out computer tests to make sure proper functioning of computer systems also connecting computers within the organization to better communication.

Train clients and employees on the computer hardware and software usage.

Identify the computer needs of a client, designing the computer structure, setting up computers and installing various software applications and programs for usage by clients and employees.

Interacting with clients to identify problems and difficulty they may have from using the computer and provide them with the necessary solutions.

Identifies computer needs of the organization and work with the purchase and supplies department to get them.

Maintaining and fixing of computer components devices like printers and resolve associated problems. Building and installing of PCs, telephone systems, wireless networks related to desktop infrastructure, in accordance with department standards.

Desktop Engineer Skills

Being a Desktop Engineer requires a unique blend of technical and people skills. Desktop Engineers are analytical problem-solvers who also have a knack for being a good listener.

Technical knowledge: the Desktop support engineer must have deep technical knowledge on computers, and its components. They must be able to build, configure, structure both the software and hardware the computer to suit the needs of different clients.

Strong verbal communication skills: The Desktop manager must be able to adequately and effectively communicate computer instructions and explain how to use devices to their clients.

Active listening skills: The desktop support engineer should own good listening skills and attention to details in other to understand the various demands of different clients, identifying difficulties with computer use, and provide suitable solutions to clients.

Interpersonal skills: most of the job of a desktop engineer involves providing services to people who need computer services, so a good interpersonal skill is essential to understand and identify various demands and challenges of clients.

Analytical skills: the desktop engineer should be able to analyze and understand the demands of various clients based on their mode of operation or structure and provides suitable solutions for them.