Software Sales Job Description Sample

Software sales job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Both small and large-scale firms are discovering the importance of software-based techniques to run their businesses. Therefore, a software sales service is needed. A software sales role involves so many duties in the sales sector. A software sales agent primarily works on software and hardware as well as clients. He is required to attend introductory sales meetings and organize a meeting with the clients. The role also requires putting a client’s business needs into consideration and decide whether the products being considered are acceptable. He must be adept at evaluating software or hardware needs and adapting them to meet the client’s needs. He also answers technical questions that the client might have in mind.

People believe that all the work of a software agent only revolves around handling software and its similar components. On the contrary, the work of the software salesperson does not end with the sale of the software to the client. The job of a software salesperson can be divided further into pre-sales services, actual sales, and the support required after the actual sale of the software as well.

The success of entrepreneurs and corporate firms depend on the services of IT experts to navigate their businesses.

Software Sales Executive Job Description Sample

Position: Software Sales

Degree: A bachelor’s degree in an IT related discipline or sales and marketing will be beneficial

Working condition: Has to work in an office and spend long hours on the system


  • A bachelor’s degree in an IT related discipline or sales and marketing will suffice.
  • Must possess good communication skills.
  • Must be innovative and fast in thinking.
  • Knowledge in IT field is highly recommended.
  • Good organizational and negotiation are valuable skills needed.

Key responsibilities

  • Responsible for email marketing solution and seeking opportunities with associations, colleges, and universities.
  • Make initial contacts and appointments with
  • Streaming live and web-based presentations.
  • Required to offer products and services to qualified clients through demos.
  • Handling sales and prospecting.
  • Make offers at Tradeshows and conferences.
  • Represent client professionally.
  • Required to build and document sales activities in company CRM software and document activities.
  • Plan business development team meetings.
  • Organize educational meetings on product development.
  • Systemize with the management team on effective sales presentation.
  • Handling customer presentations, quotes, RFIs and RFPs.
  • Handling crucial relationships with clients.
  • Required to investigate clients’ specific needs and organizational requirements.
  • Responsible for applying the information gathered from investigation and make use of already gained product knowledge to meet the needs of the clients.
  • Required to develop core knowledge of the specifications and features of the systems of the employing organization to ensure the delivery of quality services to clients.
  • Establishment of networks and developing new business techniques.
  • Checking on clients and their welfare.
  • Required to prepare and design presentations for customers.
  • Make provision of technical support to clients, install software programs and set up networks.
  • Required to create technical reports, proposals, and tenders.