Production Manager Job Description Sample

Production manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Many companies require the services of production managers to oversee all facets of their production sections. This role is also known as operations manager, and these professionals monitor the flawless and error-free manufacturing processes. They also develop timetables for production and arrange effective product activities. They are mostly found in the movie industry and manufacturing companies.

Production managers also evaluate project development and the main needs to gather resources, drawing estimation and budget plans, arrange for meetings with clients and managers to dialogue and bargain on budgets and time-frames.

Apart from all these, they also preside over the business aspects of the entertainment industry such as film, television and theatre productions. They also coordinate the finances and employment of staff.

However, the demands of this profession vary from company to company. Some firms have multiple production activities, and they may have just a small amount of managers to handle the programs. This may contribute to the bulk of the manager(s)’ workload.

Some managers combine human and material resources for their job. They are also in the two stages of production namely; planning stage and the control and supervision stage. Interactions with many people is part of the many roles of the production managers.

Also, managers also engage in product creation and acquisition.

Production Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Production Managers

Degree: A foundation degree and degree in business management or film production; biochemistry; electrical and electronic engineering; process engineering; transport/distribution/logistics.

Working conditions: Has to work in film editing studios, offices, film locations and factories.


  • Must be literate in ICT which will be needed in dealing with different technologies and programmes.
  • Must have in-depth business sense which includes smart planning, negotiation power, and managerial skills,
  • Must possess leadership spirit and confidence in decision-making, know how to delegate and expand your network to benefit your company.
  • Must have knowledge of accounting,
  • Exemplary verbal and written communication skills are recommended, as well as organizational skills and assertiveness.
  • Must have the ability to solve problems. Past knowledge of theatre, movie intricacies, software scheduling, health, safety tips such as first aid treatment and production is needed.
  • Should have human resource skills.
  • Experience in film, television or the theatre productions and sales productions are also important.
  • Degree in business management or film production will be an added advantage.

Key responsibilities

  • Scrutinize scripts and deliberate on production concepts with producers and other production crew.
  • Recruit members of the production crew such as the actors, costumiers and makeup artists as well as contractors.
  • Required to plan production budgets and timetables.
  • Arrange frequent meetings with all the heads of each production department to make sure that they are working in accordance with the production goals and agenda.
  • When circumstances change, like poor weather, you will be required to make changes in the budget and agenda as the need arises. Such changes may include changing filming time and location.
  • Required always to give an update on the production to the producers.
  • Bargaining of costs with suppliers will be done by you as the manager.
  • Approves locations, equipment, and other necessary resources.
  • Reinforce strict compliance with health and safety guidelines, union mandates, copyright laws and insurance policies.
  • Responsible for getting important endorsements and reports on risk evaluation.
  • Inspect the activities of the production team and other staffers.