Process Engineer Job Description Sample

Process Engineer Job Description Sample

Process engineer job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Process engineers are the type of engineers that are vested with the duties ranging from creating new mechanisms, building up new industrial formations and designing new process plants and equipment as well as improving on old ones. The technical concepts they invent are then utilized to produce products such as oil, gas, food, and drinks.

Process engineers (also called Chemical engineers) process chemical, biochemical and physical mechanisms and work on the machinery tools to turn crude materials into finished products.

Potential job seekers in this discipline can apply for recruitment at any engineering companies like companies that deal in chemical products such as plastic making factories; pharmaceutical industry; firms that produce polymer and paints; consumer goods; synthetics; water purifying firms, etc.

Others are producers of food, oil refining, petrochemical firms, associated service companies and contractor outfits.

In summary, process engineers perform the required designs, transactions, and execution. They advance industrial processes to deflate cost, work towards maximum efficiency, develop and optimize utility.

Process Engineer Job Description Sample

Position: Process Engineer

Education: A BS degree and degrees in chemical engineering, biochemical engineering or mechanical engineering. A postgraduate qualification can be beneficial,

Working condition: Has to be inside mechanical laboratories and in the office.


  • Must have evidence of work knowledge in process engineering.
  • Outstanding technical acumen is recommended.
  • Must have ample knowledge of process specifications and benchmarks.
  • Must have sufficient experience in process imitations.
  • Must have a good knowledge of process engineering and software entities.
  • Must have skills in CAD or AutoCAD operations.
  • Must be familiar with health and safety guidelines.
  • Must possess analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Must have an aptitude for chemistry and other related interests.
  • Excellent IT and numeracy skills are highly recommended.
  • Must be well acquainted with commercial trends and information.
  • Must have the ability to endure stress expertly while under intense pressure.
  • Must possess good communication skills and be a vibrant team player.
  • Must have strong problem-solving skills.

Key responsibilities

  • Required to testing new techniques.
  • Responsible for data collection needed to make adjustments and refittings.
  • Preside over the productions of new equipment.
  • Utilizing and creating the reproductory software to bring out the most appropriate production formulas.
  • Sometimes, the need to use scientific axioms may arise, and the axioms may be similar to heat conduction, momentum, and magnitude.
  • Making findings and troubleshooting of equipment problems.
  • Arranging to schedule and manage workload to meet deadlines and fit financial capacities.
  • Responsible for supervising smooth running of equipment according to its customized specifications.
  • Collaborating with project engineers and experts on installation methods.
  • Responsible for reinforcing safe environment for workers, see adherence to healthy rules and safety regulations, buying and fixing equipment.
  • Need to coordinate all required stages of industrial processes like development, configuration and optimization from launching stage, to the operational level and certification.
  • Responsible for the evaluation methods, data interpretation, and measurement record-keeping.
  • Required to design, operate, conducts tests and advance the necessary systems and procedures.
  • Required to develop most suitable practices, customary and creative solutions to enhance production levels and quality productions.
  • Responsible for doing risk evaluations.
  • Required to document mechanisms and instructions for

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