Professional Makeup Artist Resume Sample

Here is a sample of professional makeup artist resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a film makeup artist, makeup artist, and special effects makeup artist.


Make-up artists can work in the entertainment, fashion or cosmetic service industries, and can work independently as freelancers or as part of a team. They typically receive some post secondary training, such as completion of a cosmetology program. Here you can learn more about the requirements of make-up artists’ different industries, and the salary and career outlook for this field.


  • Theoretical interest;
  • An understanding of period and current fashion;
  • Excellent practical make-up and technical skills;
  • Good interpersonal and self-promotion skills.

Some Responsibilities that Makeup Artists Should Know Before Writing Their Resume

  • Communicating with clients to clarify visual requirements;
  • Studying the production – reading scripts to ascertain the materials and the look required, budget implications and identifying areas where research is required;
  • Producing and sketching design ideas for hairstyles and make-up;
  • Ensuring continuity in hair and make-up and liaising with other members of the design team to ensure the overall look/effect is consistent and coherent;
  • Demonstrating and implementing a practical understanding of lighting, the photographic process, colours and the impact of special effects/make-up processes on the skin;
  • Ensuring that appropriate action is taken to minimise unpleasant side effects from the use of specialist make-up/hairdressing techniques;
  • Maintaining awareness of health and safety issues and legislation;
  • Casting facial and body moulds and sculpting latex foam, known as prosthetics;
  • Fitting and maintaining wigs, hairpieces and prosthetics;
  • Hairdressing;
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of available make-up and beauty products;
  • Sourcing, budgeting and ordering materials and equipment from specialist suppliers;
  • Time management, knowing how long a subject will take to be made-up;
  • Working quickly and accurately in time-pressured conditions;
  • Taking detailed notes and photographs of work, maintaining an up-to-date portfolio of work.

Makeup artist resume sample

Makeup Artist Resume Sample

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Highly dedicated and skilled Makeup Artist with an exceptional record of customer service and client satisfaction. Adept at perceiving individual clients’ unique skin tone and corresponding makeup needs and recommending products accordingly. Abel to work well independently or as part of a cosmetology professional team.


  • Eight years experience in the makeup industry
  • Great expertise in the application of colors to achieve the desired effect
  • Knowledge of the different types of makeup and their purpose
  • Understanding of the purpose of each of the makeup types and skill on how to achieve the desired result
  • Profound knowledge of the tools needed for each type of makeup and what they are used for
  • Gifted in the styling of hair
  • Astounding concept of the use of prosthetics and how to differentiate it’s use between the different purpose which include magazines, films, television, fashion, among others
  • Unrivaled love for good look and ability to work under any circumstance, especially under pressure
  • Ability to give a suitable look for the type of occasion it is needed for
  • Proficient communication and coordinating expertise
  • Experience and knowledge of reputable cosmetic companies.


Yolanda Salons Inc.Omaha, 2015 – Present

  • Performed makeup application waxing and other cosmetic services as requested.
  • Assisted colleagues with clients and cleanup duties as needed.
  • Recommended makeup choices to clients on an individual basis.
  • Upheld high courtesy and customer service standards for every client.
  • Maintained and updated client payment records on a regular basis.


Metropolitan Community & Technical College City, State (Associate’s Degree Cosmetology), 2006

***This is only the makeup artist resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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