Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

Maintenance technician job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

In any big or small projects, a maintenance technician plays a vital role. Completing a project without a maintenance technician is impossible. The person may work individually or under a company. This is a great demanding job in industrial areas. Most of the companies hire a dedicated maintenance technician to keep the projects running in any circumstances.

Though the person is not to be an engineer, but this is like an assistant for the engineers. There are a variety of fields for the technician. As a maintenance technician, you need to do repairing works, troubleshooting, etc. tool related jobs. Moreover, you must ensure the safety of the tools and keep the machine workable.

If the company bring a new machine or tool, the technician has to install it on the jobsite. Also, the person needs to perform the checking work.

Though it is a professional work, but the educational degree is not the main qualification. A high school degree is enough for starting work as a maintenance technician. But you should have the ability to handle the machinery. It will come from the experience. However, in some cases, if you have a diploma in the related field, you will get the preference.

A professional maintenance technician makes $41,857 per year on average in the United States. It can be less or higher based on the performance and the company.

Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

Position: Maintenance Technician at a Tile Manufacturer

Degree: High School education or GED Completion

Working Conditions: Ready to be work with variety of machinery


  • At least 1-year experience as a maintenance technician
  • Technical knowledge of wide range of machinery
  • Ability to install, repair and troubleshooting of tile manufacturing tools
  • Should handle any technical issues of the machines
  • Should coordinate with the maintenance engineer
  • Ready to do minor and major repairing works
  • Ability to maintain the schedule of the company

Key Responsibilities:

We are looking for a skilled technician for the maintenance works of our tile manufacturing company. As we need to keep the maximum productivity of the machines, so we need someone who can troubleshoot different types of machinery in a short time. If you have a related degree, will get the preference. For highly skilled candidates, the educational qualification is not mandatory.

We are adding new tools and machinery in our industry to increase the productivity. So, you will have to install the new machinery in the industry.

As a maintenance technician, you may need to do different repairing works. If any of the machines shows errors, you need to find out the technical fault and finding the solution of it.

Coordinating with the maintenance engineer is a must. Sometimes you may have to work under the supervision of the maintenance engineer. So, you should have excellent communication skills.

We are looking for technicians for both day and night shift. We are highly concern about the time management.  You need to maintain the schedule of your works.

Based on your skills and performance, we will provide an attractive salary package. It will increase according to the monthly work report.