Maintenance Engineer Job Description Sample

Maintenance engineer job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Maintenance engineer is a higher position in an industrial plant. They need to do different works based on the plant and the industry. The person needs an excellent academic background and sound knowledge of machinery. In various industrial plants, companies hire an engineer who knows how to keep running the machinery to ensure the desired production rate. The person also needs a good experience in the machinery and equipment plant. A maintenance engineer coordinates with other staffs to keep running the machinery smoothly.

In most of the cases, the engineer doesn’t need to do the repairing works. But he has to find out the problems of different equipment. Then he will instruct the maintenance technicians. Also, the person will manage the team of technicians. The person should have excellent managerial and communication skill.

A bachelor degree or higher degree in mechanical engineering is essential for this post. He should know how to operate the computerized machinery for the production of a company. Also, he will be responsible for supervising engineering and technical staff. Managing budget and maintaining statistical and financial records are also required.

Maintenance Engineer Job Description Sample

Position: Maintenance Engineer In a Reputed Company

Degree: Bachelor In Mechanical Engineering or Industrial and Production Engineering

Working Conditions: Need to perform different installation of machines and to find their faults


  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering or Production Engineering
  • Should have 3 years’ experience in similar position
  • Excellent managerial skills are required
  • Should have proper knowledge of computerized machines
  • Intermediate concept of machine language
  • Communication skill to coordinate with the technician team
  • Ability to find the fault or technical issues of machines

Key Responsibilities:

We are a big manufacturing company. In our company, we use the computerized system for the production. So, we are looking for a person who has a bachelor degree in maintenance engineering or mechanical engineering. Also, you should have enough experience in the relevant field to deal with the technical issues of machines. If you have completed some training programs in maintenance engineering, you will get preference.

As a maintenance engineer, we need a hardworking and challenging person who is ready to fulfill the commitment. We want to keep our production level smooth, so you should have the skill to ensure the maximum production level.

We need someone who can work under pressure. If there is a rush, you may need to do some additional duties. You need be hardworking and challenging to complete the repairing and installation work in time.

We have different equipment in the industry. You have to schedule the maintenance for that equipment to keep them workable. We have a team of maintenance technician. As a maintenance engineer, you will guide the team and supervise the technical works.

We are offering an excellent career in our company. You will get all essential facilities as per company policy. Based on your performance and skill, we will consider attractive salary packages.