Sales Associate Job Description Sample

Sales associate job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Every sales company and sales team need a person who can generate sales leads and satisfy the clients at the same time as well. A sales associate is a person who does that job. His main aim is to generate sales leads, analyze the client’s feedback and makes sure that all the queries and the question are settled down. The post-buying phase has to be handled by the sales associate. Have a look at the job description for this job;

Sales Associate Job Description Sample

Position: Sales Associate

Degree: Masters in Business Administration or Marketing

Working conditions: He has to work mostly in the office but might have to travel as well in order to attend the meetings with the clients and the customers.


  • Must have a valid degree from a business school of Masters in Business Administration or Marketing
  • Must have a good experience of almost 2 years as a sales associate for any well-reputed company
  • Must have good managerial and organizational skills to organize and manage the sales and keep in touch with the clients
  • Must have proficient communication skills to communicate with the customers and persuade them to increase the sales
  • Must be able to meet the sales targets and goals by working under deadlines, pressure, and tight schedules
  • Must have an info about the management of sales’ accounts to handle the shipments and orders and their revenue
  • Must be able to operate the computer software especially the ones related to statistical and accounting
  • Must have analytical skills as well to analyze the clients and their needs
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills while dealing with the customers and the clients so that he can convince them right away

Key responsibilities:  

We at Cartwright Fabrics are looking to hire a sales associate who can work with our company on a permanent basis. He must be able to work in close coordination with the sales team. He must be able to create the sale leads by dealing with the clients. He must have analytical skills to persuade the client to buy the product and he must be able to understand the needs of the clients. Analyzing the sales of the competitors will be a very good thing while doing the job in order to remain in the competition.

String temperament is needed to work under the tight schedules and flexible hours of the job. The person has to travel a lot in order to attend the events and exhibitions related to the job. He must be patient and straightforward. Having good communication skills both verbal and written are a must-have. He must be able to use the computer in order to make the sales reports on a regular basis such as daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.

We are looking to hire a very energetic and hardworking individual who will be able to cope up with the duties and the pressures of the job. If you think you are worthy enough to do this job, you can apply for it using our email.