Insurance Sales Agent Job Description Sample

Insurance Sales Agent Job Description Sample

Insurance sales agent job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Insurance companies employ the services of insurance agents to introduce new business through the sales of one or multiple insurance types to potential clients in their environment. They contact clients and intimate them on different insurance policies. They also offer professional advice to them to help them choose the best plans.

There are different types of insurance sold by these agents. These are property and casualty insurance which shield people and business ventures from financial disaster due to fire outbreak, car crashes, burglary theft, and other misfortunes that can destroy property. Injured workers on business sites are covered by property and casualty insurance, and they can obtain medical mishap rights, compensation, and product liability claims.

Another one is life insurance policies that help beneficiaries to get financial assistance after the death of a policyholder. Life insurance agents also deal with commissions that guarantee a retirement income.

Lastly, health and long-term care policies that cover the bills of medical care and assisted-living services in old age. Insurance agents also sell dental insurance and short-term, long-term disability insurance. The good thing about this profession is the choice Insurance agents have to work for one insurance company or an insurance brokerage.

Insurance sales agents need a license. Separate licenses are required for agents to sell life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance. Applicants for licenses must enroll for certain courses related to insurance laws and insurance fundamentals and pass at the required cut-off mark before they can get the license issued to them.

These certifications are not necessary for the job, but they can give other applicants an edge over others. Unfortunately, Insurance agents face unhealthy competition from bankers and traditional securities brokers and bankers who also engage in the sale of insurance policies.

Insurance Sales Agent Job Description Sample

Position: Insurance sales agent

Education: A high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree. Employers usually organize training on public speaking, business, finance, or economics.

Working condition: Offices and around the community


  • Must possess analytical skills to evaluate the characteristics of each client and determine the suitable insurance policy.
  • A very good communication skill in interacting with customers by listening to their requests and suggesting suitable policies will be needed.
  • Must be innovative in designing new strategies required to produce new customers and keep the flow of commissions steady.
  • Should possess self-confidence when making cold calls to budding clients who have not been contacted

Key responsibilities

  • Responsible for contacting potential clients to spread their customer base.
  • Required to conduct interviews with prospective customers to obtain statistics about their financial resources and deliberate on existing coverage.
  • You must be able to expatiate on the features of several policies.
  • Responsible for analyzing clients’ current insurance policies and provide ideas on extensions or changes.
  • Responsible for designing insurance programs to satisfy individual clients.
  • Required to handle policy renewals.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of electronics and paper records.
  • You will need to help policyholders to sort out claims.