Sales Engineer Job Description Sample

Sales Engineer Job Description Sample

Sales engineer job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

This post is very vital to technological marketing segment of the commercial industry. They sell complex scientific and technological products or services to businesses. It is essential to have extensive knowledge of the products’ parts and functions and a vast understanding of the scientific processes that make these products work.

Sales engineers are experts in technology and scientific products. They are professionals who handle core technical areas of sales. Through their technical know-how, they give clear details of products and services to prospective customers. The details always include the merits of the products or services and the unique features which makes them stand out when compared to their rivals’ products.

Sales engineers can work in firms that manufacture and create technical products and independent sales stores.

There are similarities between the duties of sales engineers and other sales personnel. They need to court the interest of clients to patronize their products or services, negotiate a price, and complete the sale. To this end, when sales engineers talk at technical presentations, they expatiate on the technicalities of the product and its problem-solving properties which can benefit the customers.

Sales engineers, however, the team with salespersons that focus on selling and marketing products, that allows the technical aspects of the job to get proper attention from the sales engineer. Being a part of a sales team, each member can focus on his or her strengths and expertise.

This role also includes adding more sales related duties like a market survey to preparing technical presentations. Sometimes, they request for clients to provide certain technical specifications and recreate their products to meet clients’ needs. To develop and identify new products, sales engineers also work with research and development (R&D) departments.

Common engineering fields are electrical, mechanical, or civil engineering, chemical, biomedical, or computer hardware engineering.

Sales Engineer Job Description Sample

Position: Sales engineers

Degree: A bachelor’s degree in engineering, chemistry, sciences or related field.

Working condition: Has to work in an office and engine room


  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, chemistry, sciences or related field.
  • Must be able to combine technical knowledge of the products or services with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Must possess computer skills.
  • Effective communication acumen with other members of the sales team.
  • Must have problem-solving skills and the ability to listen to the customer’s desires and concerns, and then recommend solutions, possibly including customizing a product.
  • Self-confidence which aids persuasive skill is a valuable attribute that will be required.
  • Required to have technological skills and extensive knowledge of the technologically sophisticated products they sell to explain their advantages and answer questions.

Key responsibilities

  • Bestowed with the duty of designing technical presentations for clients and explaining products or services to customers and prospective customers.
  • Vested with the responsibility to attend to customers and engineers to assess equipment needs and to determine system requirements.
  • Collaborate with sales teams to understand customer requirements and provide sales support.
  • Secure and renew orders and arrange delivery.
  • Required to plan and modify products to meet customer needs.
  • Help clients solve problems with installed equipment.
  • Recommend improved materials or machinery to customers, showing how changes will lower costs or increase production.
  • Help in researching and developing new products.

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