School Counselor Job Description Sample

School Counselor Job Description Sample

School counselor job description: The counselor helps the students to get back the confidence for study. See more for the main task.

In some cases, only the teacher is not enough for the students. Some students may feel they can’t adjust with the system of schooling. It is also happening to the young students. They lose the confidence and unable to complete their study smoothly. So, most of the educational institutes hire a counselor for their students. The counselor helps the students to get back the confidence for study. The main task of the school counselor is to listen to the students. What they are feeling and why they are not doing in the study.

However, the counselor not only helps the students about the study, he/she also helps the students about their personal, parental and social pressures. The main goal of the counselor is to reach the potential of the students. School counselors help the students from different levels. It can be from the elementary school to college.

School students may face several issues in their personal life and the academic life. Some common problems in school students are low self-esteem, disabilities, bullying, poor academic performance and relationship troubles. After discussing the issues, the school counselor refers them to a psychologist or mental health counselor based on the condition.

To be a school counselor, the person should have a 4-year bachelor degree. If the degree is in education, psychology or sociology will get the preference.

School Counselor Job Description

Position: School counselor

Degree: Bachelors in psychology, education or sociology

Working Conditions: Has to maintain the office and interact with students

School Counselor Job Description – Qualifications:

  • Must have a bachelor degree in the related subject with experience
  • Should have a professional and ethical manner to deal with students
  • Should be able to solve issues of everyone from different classes
  • Excellent body language and smiling face
  • Should have excellent communication skills
  • Ability to counseling the students for a better academic life

School Counselor Job Description – Key Responsibilities:

We are looking for a permanent school counselor in our school. This is a permanent position, and we need someone who has the experience in the relevant field. The candidate must have the expertise in student counseling.

We want to make sure each student is getting enough facilities to complete their study smoothly. So, the candidate must have the patience to listen to different issues of the students. After discussing the issues of the students, you need to find out the solutions for a variety of problems.

We are looking for someone who is soft and open-minded. You should have an etiquette like a friend to the students. You need to ensure that students are sharing everything with you without any fear.

The students of the school may have personal, academic and relationship troubles. You need to help them to get back the confidence to concentrate on the study. If they need the help of a psychologist, you will refer them.

You will have to make a report based on student’s problems and their progress. You need to submit the report in each month so that the authority can take further steps.

We will give an attractive salary to the ideal candidates with all other benefits as per school’s policy.

School Counselor Job Description