School Teacher Job Description Sample

School teacher job description – School teacher is responsible for preparing lesson plans and teaching students in accordance with the national curriculum.

By introducing this incredibly important profession, School Teacher is responsible for preparing lesson plans and teaching students in accordance with the national curriculum. Schoolteacher job is not just on teaching one or two specific subjects. However, you need to teach a variety of lessons on a variety of topics.

Teachers prepare lessons and teach students around the world mathematics, English and skills at pre-school and primary school, and moving to more complex and specific concepts for high schools.

Teachers create lesson plans and teach the whole class, individually or small groups, monitor student development and provide information for parents, create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules, work with standardized tests for students in school management, and manage students outside the classroom, such as school corridors, in detention etc.

Working condition:  School hour.


Bachelor’s degree

License: it is necessary for a state schoolteacher to have the state license as a qualified teacher. Although private employee don’t really take license as priority.

School Teacher Job Description – Skills

  • Communication skills: You need to be able to speak clearly to students, other teachers, parents and administration.
  • Leadership Skills: You need to clarify new ideas and unknown terms with authority clearly and accurately so that students can understand it. You need to work to keep the students’ attention
  • Writing skills: Teachers write progress reports, notes at home and research on education. Writing skills are important.
  • Patience: Students with whom you work have different backgrounds and abilities. Suffering helps teachers to deal with students that are with individual differences or autism.
  • Creativity: Teachers must find ways to engage students in their lessons. In addition, teachers may need to work with different learning styles, so that each student can make the most out of them.
  • Human Skills: Engaging parents and building healthy relationships with students and academics helps create a high quality-learning environment.

School Teacher Job Description – Responsibilities

  • Planning, preparation and conduct of class students;
  • Teaching in accordance with educational needs, abilities and achievements
  • Evaluation, registration and reporting of developments, progress, achievements and outcomes, student behavior;
  • Providing or supporting oral and written assessments, reports and references for individual students or group of students.
  • Participating in states advanced education program.
  • promote the general development and well-being of students or a class entrusted to them.
  • providing guidance and counseling for students in the field of education and social life.
  • Communication, counseling and cooperation with other members of the school employees, including those with special responsibility and parents/guardians
  • Bringing out the best out of children.
  • Review and evaluate your teaching and learning strategies, methodology and program in accordance with the state curriculum framework
  • Instructing the children in a friendly manner.
  • Consult and co-operate with the school management and other teachers in preparation for curriculum, study materials and learning programs.
  • High level of professional qualifications and quality of teaching topics. Through effective dialogue, mutual participation
  • Participation in continuing education and training courses and ongoing activities, opportunities for professional development and participation in research activities exercises.

School Teacher Job Description