Sample Quality Engineer Job Description

Quality engineer job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

A Quality Engineer handles many manufacturing and technical roles. It is their duty to ascertain that products are up to the company and market regulated standards. Quality engineers are very important and are found in various manufacturing, agricultural, technology, and transportation industries.

A quality engineer needs to apply his technical skills to work with other Quality assurance professionals like the lab technicians, the quality assurance manager, quality analysts and the suppliers.

Quality Engineering Job Responsibilities:

  • He provides statistical and practical information for quality improvement by identifying testing methods and samples.
  • The QE determines the quality improvement range of a product by identifying quality procedures necessary in the manufacturing processes.
  • He collaborates with other engineering personnel and quality assurance departments to determine necessary features to get the regulated quality.
  • He makes recommendations to modify manufacturing process as necessary to support quality and cost-effective production.
  • Quality engineer provides engineering support to the various levels of operations ensuring the strict observation of quality manufacturing techniques.
  • He Resolves quality issues of capability, logistics, and materials related issues used at all levels of manufacturing.
  • The quality engineer resolves questions of quality by identifying production problems, examining solution and providing the resources necessary to execute the plan.
  • He determines when process stability and capability studies should be performed on existing processes.
  • The quality engineer review and analyze results and use the results to recommend changes to production processes, they also perform follow up to verify effectiveness.
  • The quality engineer Coordinate pre-launch trial run process of products in other to monitor its quality.
  • Facilitating and promoting the use of appropriate and up to date problem-solving techniques for effective analysis and successful manufacturing process.

Skill requirements for a quality engineer.

  • Updated: A quality engineer must be up to date with the most advanced and modern quality standards. They must be updated with the latest quality manufacturing techniques and procedures.
  •  A quality engineer must update professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, participating in professional societies in other to maintain the regulated quality standards.
  • Analyzing Information: The quality engineer must be very efficient in analyzing production data, methods and procedures.
  • Research: The quality engineer must have an in-depth knowledge of the production process. He must research the latest production methods and be up to date with the latest quality regulating standards.
  • Technical Understanding: The quality engineer must understand the technical aspect of the manufacturing process. He must have a deep understanding of the machines and equipment used in production, and possess deep knowledge of the materials used in manufacturing and the proper method of production.
  • Manufacturing methods and procedures: It is the job of the quality engineer to create the template for manufacturing and the procedure to ensure quality standard. He also monitors the process and ensures compliance with quality standards at all stages of manufacturing.
  • Innovation: He should have the ability to come up with innovative and modern ideas to guarantee quality in the manufacturing process.
  • Quality Engineering: The quality engineer ensures top most quality and safety procedures in engineering and other aspects of production.