Sample Marketing Assistant Job Description

Sample Marketing Assistant Job Description

Marketing assistant job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Marketing is a very hectic and busy section of any office. Their minds are constantly thinking new strategies that can be used in the marketing campaigns. Uniqueness and creativity are demanded every time they come up with an idea. With such a hectic job, everyone needs an assistant who can share the workload and make sure that the small tasks are done with the full concentration and attention as well.

A marketing assistant works with Zeal and zest making sure that marketing things are done perfectly. He deals with the new campaigns at some point handles the accounts and the budget of the section at a small scale and analyzes the things as well to find out the flaws.

If you are looking to hire one, look at the sample given below to have a better idea.

Sample Marketing Assistant Job Description

Position: Marketing Assistant

Degree: Masters in Business Administration or marketing

Working conditions: Has to work from office and has to travel a lot as well


  • Must have an experience of 5 years as a Marketing Assistant for a well-reputed company
  • Must have a degree in Business Administration or marketing
  • Must have excellent written and communication skills
  • Must have excellent managerial, analytical, and organizational skills
  • Must be proficient in Computer software such MS Office
  • Must be able to deal with the critical business conditions
  • Must have capabilities of decision-making in pressure situations
  • Must have interpersonal skills to deal with the clients
  • Must have presentation skills to persuade the clients with his ideas

Key Responsibilities:

We are looking to hire an individual on the post of marketing assistant who has a fair bit of experience in the field of marketing. We at Jenny and Co. are willing to welcome an experienced marketing assistant on board with our marketing team. He has to work in close collaboration with the marketing specialists. He has to make sure that the things are done in an effective way. He must have analytical and accounting abilities.

He should be able to deal with the clients and the customers when the marketing specialists are not available so excellent communication skills are required form him. He should have excellent verbal and written skills to persuade the customers and the clients. Such skills are a must-have for this job.

He should know how to make effective campaign videos and graphics using the computer so proficiency in the computer is also required.  He must be able to present his ideas via presentation as well so he should have excellent interpersonal skills in order to do this job. He will be in charge of the minor tasks such as keeping an eye on the budget to make sure that the things are done according to the budget of the company.

We are looking to hire a very motivated and skillful person who can work under pressure and under his supervisors with zeal and zest. If you have all the relevant skills, you can easily apply for this job.

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