About Us

This page contains vital information our organization, ResumeExtra. On this, page you will get to know who we are, what we do and what you stand to gain from making use of our platform.


The 21st century holds a very big competition, where many employees have to do so many things right to get their dream jobs, like presenting an exceptional resume and cover letters to get employed, and so many have failed woefully. Guess what? We are here to save the day!

Who We Are

ResumeExtra is a platform that has been carefully and specially designed to help individuals all around the world with resume writing. We understand that so many people find it difficult to start writing a resume or even write one successfully, so this platform is set up to help individuals in every way, to easily write a great resume.

What We Do

We have made resume writing a very easy task for everyone by providing so many resume templates and samples that will make you stand out from the crowd and get that dream job. With our resume samples, we hold you by hand and walk you through writing a magnificent resume your employer will irresistible.

What You Stand To Gain From Reading Our Blog

Since it is the objective of ResumeExtra to help you write great resumes, everything we do is put you through the necessary things to do, that will help you get the job. Apart from providing you with resume examples and templates, our cover letter examples, and job interview guides are tailored to help our readers (which includes you) to successfully make your own resume.

We have various resume examples and Microsoft Word resume templates you could choose from. We provide you with the best.