Waitress Resume Sample

Waitress Resume Sample and Required Skills

Here is a sample of waitress resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a waitress, food service, and cruise ship waiter.

Job Duties

One may think that this is one of the easiest jobs in the world, but this is not true. Being a waitress involves a lot of work and patience.

The media have shown job as a waitress in a very bad way. Comedy in film and television and the waitresses were always represented as struggling actress, or stupid girl who is not smart enough to do any other job. However, to be an excellent waitress one have to remember a lot of things and have a good memory. Good waitresses are quick-witted and many people have made a successful career out of it.

You must have met a waitress who works at the same restaurant for many years. Even some customers insist on that same waitress serve them because they have become great friends with her and share a great camaraderie. Such is the effect of an excellent waitress.

To become an excellent waitress, one must have a good memory, attention, and good communication skills. The waitress is facing a large number of customers throughout the day, and some of them are perhaps a little rebellious; So the waitress will have the ability to cope with different types of people.

Skills Required for Waitress

  • Must have years of experience as a waitress and works in all different types of restaurants with different menus
  • Ability to set the table with the corresponding label
  • Serve many different customers and know how to communicate with everyone
  • Have a great memory and can store restaurant menus very well
  • They also have an excellent knowledge of the kitchen and can thoroughly explain to each customer how each dish is prepared and can recommend some good dishes
  • Has a deep knowledge about wine and can make the perfect recommendations for clients
  • They are quiet and love to interact with people and have the ability to be comfortable
  • They also work well with young children, and they can take care of the guests with children
  • Physically fit and maintain a high level of hygiene. Can also quickly move around the restaurant and serve the customers

Waitress Resume Example

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Summary: A waitress and friendly customer service oriented with seven years of first-hand experience in catering and hospitality. Service is very competent in interaction with users, menus and food presentation and mix and drinks on request. Evidence of improved customer satisfaction and customer relationships in the label overall exposure to high-quality catering.


Improved flat sales per day, a 70% signature dishes by promoting and recommending the same efficient customers.
The implementation of the guidelines adopted by the World Health Organization on hygiene and sanitation in the area of services.
Won the best food runner times


Waitress | 8/2012 to Present

  • Explaining the various dishes on the menu for customers and give recommendations
  • Taking orders and relay it to the kitchen staff
  • Providing simultaneous preparation of all orders for a table and serve professional
  • Calculating the cost of meals and add tax to calculate the final bill
  • Checking the label on patrons to ensure that they meet the minimum age requirements for the use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Confirming with customers so that they enjoy the food and take steps to correct the problems.
  • Helping customers to their tables.
  • Explaining clearly how the different choices are made, describing the methods and cooking ingredients.
  • Telling customers daily special items.

Waitress | 6/ 2007 to 7/ 2010

  • Accompanied guest to their table and arrange their seats.
  • Presented menu and explained to customers – answered questions about the articles of restaurants and notified them of specials.
  • Took food/drink orders and brought it to the kitchen staff.
  • Professionally served the wines to selected customers – customers recommended wines.
  • Provided excellent customer service: worked closely with the staff to ensure that orders are served efficiently – Orders properly installed in the kitchen and delivered to customers on time.
  • Checked customer satisfaction.
  • Received the payment and thanked the customers before they leave.
  • Worked with the staff to provide services around those – training procedures, culture and customs of the restaurant staff.


City College, Miami, FL – 2007
Diploma in Hospitality Management.

REFERENCES – Available on request.

***This is only the Waitress resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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