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Here is a sample of training manager resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a senior training manager, training manager, training and development manager, technical training manager or restaurant training manager.


A training and development manager is responsible for the management of learning and professional development of employees in the organization. They can also be known as agents of learning and development.

Trainers train staff with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to perform tasks related to the job.

Training and staff development to improve the skills of long-term employees so that they can develop their potential within the organization. All, which requires officers training and development are strategic, not reactive, assessment of skills and knowledge within the organization and determine what training is needed to develop and maintain this skill.

Skills Required for Training Manager

  • Interpersonal skills that allow to work with people at all levels,
  • Motivate others and changing people’s attitudes, if necessary;
  • Written communication skills and talk to allow to inform and advise others clearly;
  • Solving skills and negotiating problems;
  • Initiative and the ability to offer new ideas;
  • Organization and planning and time management skills to meet deadlines and targets;
  • Good time management skills and can effectively manage training schedule;
  • Personal commitment to improving knowledge and skills.

Training Manager Resume Example

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Career Profile

Training Manager aims to make the management and training for the identification, development and implementation of training programs and organize unique high-level courses in professional skills.

Develops effective workforce and motivated employees to achieve maximum productivity for fast growing organizations.

Professional Training Manager of highly skilled, talented and accomplished business with a broad knowledge of the planning, organization, and management of a wide range of training activities. Seeking the position of Training Manager for the growth of the organization.

Professional strengths

  • Have five years of professional experience as a corporate trainer
  • Excellent presentation and organization
  • Extensive knowledge of processes and procedures for conducting training
  • Thorough knowledge of the main tools and software applications
  • Have good skills in oral and written communication
  • The ability to perform effective and efficient training
  • Learn fast and have a good knowledge of the products and services
  • Have excellent time management and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and work under pressure

Professional Experience

ABC Associates Co Inc, Atlanta, GA (2012 – Present)
Training Manager

  • Assigning to standardize processes of learning and organizational development.
  • Responsible for content delivery of effective training, if necessary.
  • Providing success in the quality of training, after identifying the training institutes and trainers.
  • Assigning tasks implementation of training programs in accordance with the guidelines of the organization.
  • Assigning leadership training programs, Auto, label and induction of new entrants.
  • Receiving feedback from the manager’s assessment on the prescribed format and improving the efficiency of future training.
  • Managing the maintenance and improvement of the organizational brand.
  • Coordinating with other departments and teams within the organization to ensure the proper functioning.
  • Training given to various organizations.

XYZ Associates and Co Inc, Brooklyn, NY (2007 – 2012)
Corporate Trainer

  • Assessed the qualifications of each section, in consultation with the department, human resources, and external resources.
  • Designed the training and professional development programs to facilitate compliance with the objectives of the organization and the individual business needs.
  • Estimated costs of training activities and managed thereafter to the budget in order to ensure maximum return on investment due to the potential of a training program for future organizational needs.
  • Searched for new and latest techniques for possible inclusion in the existing training process.

Educational Summary and Certifications

Bachelor’s degree of Arts, College of Arts, Atlanta, GA

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