Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Look over a sample of teacher assistant cover letter. Here are writing guides, including what to include and how to format. Feel free to copy-paste and edit for your job application.

The types of assistant teaching jobs available are dependent on the age of the child, the ability level of the child, and the needs of the child. Often times, the teaching assistant helps with the lessons or lending a hand with the lessons. Sometimes the assistant will help prepare the professor or teacher for a lesson. In a class where the children are very young, or children that have special needs, the teaching assistant (or TA’s) is very helpful to make sure the class can run smoothly. The assistant is usually a part time job, but there are instances where it can be full time. People who are finishing up their bachelors or masters degree in education, will often times take a teaching assistant job, allowing them to finish up any requirements that are needed to graduate. Often times, these types of degrees require some hands on in the classroom as a requirement to complete their degree, specifically the area in which they are studying.


Your duties will depend on your experience, training and TA status but you will generally need to:

  • Deliver tailored teaching activities to pupils on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups;
  • Make sure that the pupils that you support are able to engage in learning and stay on task during the lesson or activity;
  • Support the social and emotional development of pupils, reporting any issues as necessary;
  • Manage challenging pupil behaviour;
  • Guide and monitor pupil progress;
  • Carry out administrative duties such as preparing classroom resources;
  • Provide support outside of your normal classes, such as helping during exams, covering TA absences or going on school trips.

 What to Include in Your Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

  • Begin your cover letter with a salutation and the hiring manager’s name, if you have it.
  • If you don’t have a contact name, it is acceptable to use “Dear Hiring Manager”.
  • The body of your letter should contain a short introduction; who you are, what you are interested in, and what makes you stand out.
  • Your second paragraph should highlight a few key assets and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the position. Remember, you aren’t reiterating what is on your resume, just highlighting key points.
  • Close by thanking the hiring manager for his or her time. You can also mention how you will follow up. In closing, keep it polite and professional. In an email letter, you would include your email address and phone number after your typed name.

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I am sending you this covering letter and CV in regards to the position advertised on ABC daily newspaper. Using these documents, i would like to work with the position of teaching assistant.

To me, working as the teaching assistant is an important role to contain. It brings a lot of interesting challenges and the idea of working with 25 numbers of pupils to develop their natural skills is really what I look forward to when at work. To me working with children of this age is significant because I think this is the age that they are most impressionable so teaching them correctly now is more important than at any other time.

I believed my qualification and experience are more that what is required for this role. I have worked in a role like this for two years. Here I learnt what I think is the right way to tutor and help the teacher keep control of the classroom at all times.
Please that the time to read my resume, which believe you will find more than suitable for this role. If you want to discuss my application, please call me on (555) 555-555.

Yours sincerely

Olivia Williams

**This is only the teacher assistant cover letter sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.