Storekeeper Job Description Sample

Storekeeper job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Departmental stores often work in the form of chains so they need a person who can deal with one branch and makes sure that the sales goals are met within a specified period of time/ they need a person who has analytical and managerial skills and who is able to cope up with the demands of the employer and the clients. Such a person is named as a storekeeper. Je keeps the records, analyzes the stock, the sales, the shelves of the store and the deliveries of the stock. He maintains everything in the store. Have a look at the example given below for writing a storekeeper job description.

Storekeeper Job Description Sample

Position: Storekeeper

Degree: Bachelors in Business Management or Accounting

Working conditions: Has to work 13 hours a day at the store and might have to travel to deal with the clients and companies


  • Must have a valid degree from a business school in Bachelors in Business Management or Accounting
  • Must have an experience of almost 5 years in the storekeeping business
  • Must have good managerial skills and organizational skills to handle the store and its staff
  • Must have excellent communication skills to handle the customers and clients
  • Must be able to work under tight schedules and rush hours
  • Must have an insight into the accounts to handle the store’s credit
  • Must be able to operate the computers to have a check and balance of the store’s stock
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills which will help him in dealing with the clients

Key responsibilities:  

We at WillMart and Co. are looking to hire an experienced individual to run our local department store in York. As we have a chain of departmental stores, we are looking to hire a person who has a lot of experience in working in chain organizations. He must be well-educated and well-mannered as well.

As a storekeeper, he has to make sure that all the managerial and organizational stuff of the store is carried out accordingly and without any mess. He will be keeping a keen eye on the salesmen and other employees so we need a very active and attentive person to do this job.

He must have excellent communication skills to deal the customers and the clients. He must be able to give weekly reports to our admin staff about the store’s performance and sales. He must be able to maintain the records of the supply and the demand. He is in charge of the store credit and the stocks so he should make sure that the store never runs out of stock.

Movement of equipment, freight, deliveries, shelf keeping and refilling are his responsibilities. He should be able to manage time and work under tight deadlines and rush hours to facilitate the customers. We need a person who has analytical and organizational skills. If you think, you have all the capabilities that are required for this job, and then you can apply for it using our postal address or email address.