Software Programmer Resume Sample

Software Programmer Resume Sample and Required Skills

Here is a sample of software programmer resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume format can be also utilized for a C programmer or software engineer.

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Job Description

Job titles within the IT sector tend to be loosely defined so the term ‘programmer’ is often used to refer to software developers, software engineers, computer scientists or software analysts.

Computer programmers write the step-by-step instructions that direct computers to process information in a series of logical steps. This involves establishing a detailed specification and clarifying exactly what the program needs to do, then breaking the specification down to its simplest elements and translating this into an appropriate programming language. Different tasks require different programming languages, but those most in demand are Visual Basic (.Net), Java (J2EE), XML and C++. While most programmers specialize in a few different languages, the kind of work they do depends on the employer.

There are two distinct areas within programming: applications programming and systems programming. While applications programmers write programs to process and manage incoming information, systems programmers deal with the internal operations of the computer such as designing diagnostic programs to identify faults or controlling the way a computer runs several

Skills Required for Software Programmer

  • Mathematical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent IT and programming skills
  • Excellent organizational, time and project management skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • An understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment
  • Teamwork skills because most projects require input from individuals with different roles
  • Self-development skills to keep-up-to-date with fast-changing trends
  • Professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.

Software Prоgrаmmеr Resume Example

Full Name
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Have several years of experience in the development environment as a programmer. Have expertise and experience in all phases of project life cycle namely analysis, design, and coding, testing and implementation phases. I have experience in working with different operating system and platforms namely Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Dos. Also have efficiently managed the team and took care in delivering quality deliverables from my team which proved my managerial and leadership skill.


  • Competence in more than one programming language (eg C, C++, Java, and Python)
  • Creativity
  • A meticulous and logical mind
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to understand clients’ needs


ABC Co., Ltd. Toronto (2015 – Present)
Senior Programmer


  • Handle a project for a Major Banking customer.
  • Take part as a senior programmer in both the development and maintenance phase of the project.
  • Manage a team of 9 programmers and was responsible for quality code and deliverables from my team.
  • Maintain appropriate documents which helped the induction process for new teammates finish in less time efficiently.
  • Wrote less code and take the responsibility of reviewing the code and output and documenting my review comments for rework by my teak mates and continuing the process until the quality is achieved.
  • Take the task of fixing the bugs reported by the users and for taking care of enhancements suggested by customers.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, 2006
University of Ohio Ohio.

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***This is only the software programmer resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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