Social Worker Resume Sample and Required Skills

Here is a sample of social worker resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a social worker.


Social workers work with people and families to support them through difficult times and ensure that vulnerable people, including children and adults are safeguarded from harm. Their role is to provide support and help in order to improve outcomes in people’s lives. They maintain professional relationships with people, acting as guides and advocates. They sometimes need to use their professional judgment to make tough decisions that might not always be well received by those they are trying to help. Social workers work in a variety of settings within a framework of relevant legislation and procedures, supporting individuals, families and groups within the community. Settings may include homes or schools, hospitals or the premises of other public sector and voluntary organisations.

Some Responsibilities That Social Workers Should Know Before Writing Their Resume

Many social workers work with young people and their families. They may work with the following groups:

  • The elderly;
  • People with learning and physical disabilities;
  • Young offenders;
  • People with mental health conditions;
  • School non-attenders;
  • Drug and alcohol abusers;
  • Homeless people

Tasks Typically Involve:

  • Conducting interviews with individuals and families to assess and review their situation;
  • Undertaking and writing up assessments (sometimes in collaboration with other professionals), which meet specified standards and timescales;
  • Offering information and support;
  • Organising and managing packages of support to enable people to lead the fullest lives possible;
  • Recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular person or family;
  • Liaising with, and making referrals to, other agencies;
  • Participating in multidisciplinary teams and meetings regarding, for example, child protection or mental health;
  • Maintaining accurate records and preparing reports for legal action;
  • Giving evidence in court;
  • Participating in training, supervision and team meetings.

Social Worker Resume Example

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Service-focused social worker and program coordinator with a strong commitment to serving the needs of disadvantaged youth and adults, including homeless, emancipated youth and special-needs populations. Excel in program and organizational planning, with documented success overcoming challenges of limited resources and financial constraints to design high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive service offerings. Skilled in building community support, key coalitions and strategic interagency partnerships. Backed by solid credentials (MSW) and equal strengths in program, personnel and case management.


Lambeth City Council, New York (November 2015 – Present)

Providing frontline support for vulnerable individuals and families. Part of a small but strong team responsible for the more extreme social care issues.


  • Providing essential support and ensuring that the well being of clients remained the core focus.
  • Interviewing and assessing each case on an independent basis and planning care packages accordingly.
  • Liaising and providing an overview of circumstances to the local authorities.
  • Ensuring the safety of the clients in and out of the home.
  • Organising team training.
  • Recording case progress both manually and electronically.

XYZ City Council Agency, San Francisco, CA

  • Served on interdisciplinary team to provide case management for consumers housed in three community group home residences.
  • Developed weekly group programs and maintained documentation to fulfill funding-source requirements.

Program Contributions:

  • Designed and implemented creative group programs benefiting mentally handicapped consumers (ages 22 to 60) and enhancing their social skills and self-esteem.
  • Launched an ongoing event agenda that included Circles Program, holiday celebrations, current events discussion groups, voting trips and numerous community excursions.
  • Facilitated supportive services/counseling for client family members to address special concerns and ease the transition during home holiday visits.
  • Forged community connections benefiting staff, clients and their families.
  • Collaborated closely with interdisciplinary team members on development of appropriate case plans meeting individual client needs.


San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA (March 2002 – September 2006)

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