Social Worker Job Description Sample

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Social workers offer to counsel to people in crisis. Their clients range from the unemployed to youngsters who need foster homes to aged individuals who have no one to care for them. They help their clients achieve government funds, education, or treatment. Regularly they start legal action in case of child abuse.

Many organizations hire social workers: public welfare agencies, private social carrier organizations, schools, hospitals, clinics, and recreation and rehabilitation centers. Many works with juvenile courts. A small wide variety are hired as teachers or researchers.

Social workers possess three approaches to solving problems. Casework demands meeting with individuals and also families. They could guide teenagers whose parents have had died or families who had lost all their belongings in floods or other unfortunate occurrences. Group work brings together individuals who have problems in common, for instance, unwed mothers. Social workers assist them to fix those issues through discussions as well as well-planned adventures. Community organization work generally includes distinct goals—finding jobs for idle high school learners, for instance.

Psychiatric social workers, who may work for the same agencies as other social workers, place more importance on psychological issues. They are generally supervised by psychiatrists or psychologists.


Social Worker Job Description – For most positions, master’s degrees in social work are expected, although a minimum number of job opportunities are available for individuals with bachelor’s degrees. Social workers who train or perform research usually hold doctorates.

Social workers generally major in sociology, psychology, or another social science and take programs in related disciplines, just like economics, child studies, education, and political science. The graduate study usually deals with human growth and development, social welfare policies, and techniques of social work. Most graduate schools provide work-study courses that provide students experience in agencies, hospitals, or schools.

Prerequisites for licensing, accreditation, or registration differ from state to state. Opening social workers usually gain knowledge from knowledgeable workers for the first few months on the job. After 24 months of supervised work, they can be entitled to membership in the Academy of Certified Social Workers, which is given by the National Association of Social Workers. Membership is not necessary, but it is prestigious. Social workers with master’s degrees may be qualified to receive such credentials as the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW),

Qualified Clinical Social Worker (QCSW), or Diploma in Clinical Social Work (DCSW). Some health insurance providers demand social workers in private practice to possess these credentials.

Psychiatric social workers must have master’s degrees in psychiatric social work. An excellent part of their graduate training is fieldwork guided by clinical psychologists.


Job seekers could apply directly to social service agencies, schools, and hospitals. School placement offices, private employment agencies, professional associations and journals, newspaper classified ads, and also job banks via the internet may provide employment listings. Social workers who desire to work with government agencies absolutely will take civil service examinations. Several trainees render job contacts in the course of fieldwork for college courses.


Skilled social workers that have master’s degrees can become senior caseworkers, case supervisors, or chief social workers. They can as well be promoted to administrative positions. Those holding doctorates could become university professors or researchers.

Employment of social workers is expected to develop much faster compared to the average for all jobs through 2014. While completely new positions rely on funding, openings frequently occur because skilled workers retire or even leave the field. Competition for jobs could be rigid in major metropolitan areas.


Social Worker Job Description – Metropolitan areas, suburbs, and also rural areas all require social workers in universities, hospitals, offices, agencies, jails, and also courts. While social work is usually tough and rewarding, occasionally it can be quite challenging and also emotionally draining. Most people are scared to discuss their problems; several situations could be hard to deal with. Social workers ought to be mature, sensitive people that can manage disappointment, frustration, and pressure.

Social workers perform thirty-five to forty hours weekly, however, overtime might be necessary to meet with clients, attend community meetings, as well as deal with emergencies. They often acquire compensatory time away for extra hours worked.

Salaries differ, depending on education, expertise, and also location. In 2004 the median income of most social workers was $ 34, 820 per year. The most knowledgeable workers earned more than $ 57, 860 per year. Pluses usually include paid holidays and vacations, medical insurance, and retirement plans.