Security Specialist Job Description Sample

Security Specialist Job Description – The security specialist is an expert in developing, implementing and managing internal facility security functions.

The security specialist is an expert in developing, implementing and managing the functions of internal facility security functions, including maintaining customer safety requirements. This feature analyzes security documents and manuals as an enterprise security officer and maintains an appropriate level of control. This position performs periodic security checks and special process/access separation and notification/abolition of the specified special access.

Basic Functions of a Security Specialist

  • Creating and distributing security manuals, documents, and records. Maintains the security requirements of the facility and enforces data protection procedures from the owner and the customer.
  • Perform periodic and accidental safety inspections and, if necessary, prepare safety reports. Conduct security breach meetings as required by inspection controls.
  • Maintains inspection reports and records and advises senior management on deficiencies and corrective/disciplinary efforts to improve weaknesses.
  • Preparing the action and personalized forms to request special security/access approvals and keep track of these requirements. Inform incoming people about security processes and inform outbound staff.
  • Establishes and maintains procedures for managing, protecting and destroying documents and data in accordance with established processes and deadlines.
  • Organize training sessions to enhance security for new staff.
  • Helps in the implementation and administration of automated security systems. Maintaining a periodic transparent record of secure systems with user connections and other technical experts.
  • Analyze and establish security requirements for systems/networks
  • Protect the system from unauthorized access, modification and/or destruction
  • Configure and support security tools
  • Define access privileges, control structures, and resources
  • Execute vulnerabilities, risk analyses, and safety assessments
  • Identify anomalies and report violations
  • Supervises and monitor the application of routine security
  • Create and update the business continuity and disaster recovery protocol
  • Practice with the colleagues in awareness of security, protocols and procedures
  • Develop and conduct security audits to ensure operational safety
  • Responding to security incidents immediately and give a collision analysis
  • Explore and recommend security updates
  • Provide technical advice to colleagues

Security Specialist Job Description – Skills

  • Problem Solving/Analysis.
  • Ethical Conduct.
  • Customer/Client Focus.
  • Stress Management/Composure.
  • Attention to detail, analytical skills and ability to recognize trends in data
  • Creativity and patience
  • Logic and objectivity
  • An inquisitive nature
  • Proactive approach with confidence for decision making
  • Methodical and well-organized approach to work
  • Ability to work under pressure and fulfill deadlines
  • Communication skills and the ability to effectively interact with different people
  • Understanding the privacy issues and laws that affect them.
  • Technical capacity

Security Specialist Job Description – Position Requirements:

  • BS /BA with two or more years of experience or at least 8 years of related experience without a degree
  • Knowledge of principles, theories and concepts related to staff safety
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a team, to be an entrepreneur, to be able to understand and complete tasks and to have excellent attitude and skills of the customer service

Security Specialist Job Description