Security Officer Cover Letter Sample

Security Officer Cover Letter Sample

Look over a sample of security officer cover letter. Here are writing guides, including what to include and how to format. Feel free to copy-paste and edit for your job application.

Security Officer Employment is a meaningful career offering numerous opportunities for persons seeking to get into a law enforcement role without the inherent dangers associated with regular police and Sheriff’s duties.These Officers find themselves protecting property and persons in challenging environments such as: mall security, plant, store, private, and personal security roles. Primarily, the job of the Security Officer is to observe and report any unusual or suspicious activity. Their job however is not to be policemen nor Sheriff’s deputies. They are not equipped nor trained to be full fledged deputized officers, however, they are required to undergo a certain amount of training designed to protect themselves and others in the event of emergencies when the regular police and sheriff’s deputies cannot respond in time.

Information to Include in a Security Resume Cover Letter

The information to include is another vital tip in the crafting of a resume cover letter that will attract the hiring manager. The information should not be different from what is requested in the job advert. You should therefore give back to the hiring manager what he has requested. The information should include:

  • What appealed to you about the job on offer and why you prefer the job to others?
  • Giving of honest assessment about your qualities and abilities.
  • Seizing the opportunity to mention other qualities you possess which you have not mentioned in your resume.
  • Mentioning why you should be considered for the position on offer even if you are not a perfect match for it and why you want to work for the organization.
  • Touch briefly on your experience and leaving the meaty part for your CV.

From the foregoing the challenge that could be experienced in crafting a resume cover letter that will attract the hiring manager must have been taken care of. Without any knowledge about the structuring and the necessary information to be included, writing such a letter becomes a problem. Consequently, arresting the attention of the recruiter and reading of your CV becomes impossible. If that should happen making a compelling case for your being shortlisted for interview becomes impossible. Most job seekers make the mistake of writing unappealing resume cover letters, forgetting that to arrest the attention of most employers and get them to read your resume and consequently get shortlisted for interview, you must Craft a resume cover letter that will attract the hiring manager.

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Security Officer Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Snipes,

As a highly skilled security officer, I read your posting for new security supervisor with interest. My experience aligns with the qualifications you are seeking at ABC Offices, in particular my role as Security Supervisor at XYZ Point Office and I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your organisation.

I am skilled in converting conflict scenarios into positive outcomes through effective problem-solving and complaint handling skills. Currently employed with ABC Hospitals as the Head Security, I am responsible for monitoring and ensuring the safety of the 400+ room hospital compound. I have successfully manage the scheduling for the securing team, which has led to an average payroll saving of $4000. I am pleased to state that with my experience in handling emergency situation and theft prevention is above me with the knowledge to cope with unforeseen threats.

To further support your base requirements, I can bring an enthusiastic and perspective to this position. I take direction well, but am capable of working independently. My resume is enclosed for your consideration. I firmly believe that I would be an asset to your team and would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my experience and certifications could contribute to your firm.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Olivia Williams

**This is only the security officer cover letter sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.