Security Manager Resume Sample

Professional Security Manager Resume Sample

Here is a sample of security manager resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume format can be also utilized for a physical security manager, corporate security, security supervisor, hotel security manager, security account manager, as well as a security specialist.


The security administrator is responsible for the safety of the hospitality building. He oversees the Department of Homeland Security and a number of security systems that protect guest workers and hospitality building.

Some Responsibilities of a Security Manager

Security Manager is responsible for:

  • The safety of guests, staff and hotel facilities
  • Crime prevention and investigation
  • Security system, including security patrols, surveillance systems, door locking mechanisms, limited control areas, teachers are the key to control, etc.
  • Staff training for emergency procedures
  • Inspections relating to the safety of the hotel
  • Regular safety meetings
  • Effective monitoring of safety equipment (for example, check the safety of the staff do their job properly)
  • Maintain good relations with management and other members of the department
  • Keeping up with global trends in the new security and entertainment, and many other tasks.

Skills List of a Security Manager

A Security Manager must:

  • Think quickly, clearly and objectively under pressure
  • Be proactive about hotel security operations
  • Plan ahead
  • Deal well with people

Security Manager Resume Example

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  • Security Manager with more than six years in law enforcement, corrections and security. This works well independently and as part of a team.
  • Loss Prevention Manager with excellent communication skills and more than 6 years in retail security. Versed for the safety risk and compliance.
  • Security Manager dedicated to training and staff training techniques of prevention of trafficking in the past losses.
  • Dedicated law enforcement professional with over 6 years of managing security teams and law enforcement. Beautiful leader who comfortably interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Security Manager with 6 years in the field of security, including clients and public relations and supervision. Extensively trained in defensive tactics and conflict resolution.
  • Security motivated administrator familiar with the strict security measures necessary to confirm the jewelry store. Reliable, able to provide creative solutions for professional difficult situations.
  • Security Manager specializing in asset management and recovery. Closely monitors and maintains the intellectual property of large media companies.
  • Security exceptional Manager, an expert in identifying strategic and operational risks and make recommendations to senior management.
  • The head of quality-oriented security believes that the excellent people skills and open communication are essential management functions for effective security.


XYZ Security Company, Coleraine
MN Security Manager March 2014 – Present

  • Safety systems installed, maintained and repaired and programmable logic control.
  • Implementation of video surveillance, motion detection, and CCTV to help in the local monitoring circuit.
  • Designed security policies, protocols, and guidelines for alarm response keycard.
  • Improvement of recommended safety systems and procedures.
  • Development and update security procedures, system design security and related documents.
  • Issued warnings of possible suspects for criminal trespassing and helped the police to arrest and prosecute shoplifters.
  • Control of the entire system by means of video surveillance, but at the same time performing office tasks.

XYZ Security Company, Manhattan, NY
Security Officer May 2011 – Nov. 2013

  • Guided Sites inspections and security checks and make recommendations related to RBM.
  • Procedures developed for emergency response and crisis management, physical security, information security, incident management, and research units.
  • Advises management on how to reduce costs without compromising the security of company assets.
  • Top software using high-tech surveillance to ensure complete coverage of security in the new stores.


University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL May 2010
Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Criminal Justice
3.6 GP
Relevant coursework: Introduction to Security, and Fundamentals of Policing

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***This is only the security manager resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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