Free Security Guard Resume Sample

Here is a sample of security guard resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume format can be also utilized for a security officer, school security guard, store security guard, construction security guard, security specialist, and security manager


The security guard, security guard or protective agent is a private person who is paid to protect the assets of the organization (of goods, people, money, etc.) of various risks (such that the waste, damaged goods, behaviors, activities, etc.) to workers risk by preventive measures

Skills List of a  Security Guard

  • Demonstrated an ability to resolve conflict in an effective way
  • Ability to act calmly and efficiently in an emergency situation
  • Flexibility in working shift patterns
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Vigilance in spotting criminal activity or potentially dangerous situations
  • Understand the importance of patrols and long-term security of the site
  • Physically fit
  • Excellent judgment of difficult situations
  • Experience in working in a fast paced environment
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Committed to respond quickly to emergency calls

Security Guard Resume Example

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  • Expert highly trained to respond to emergencies and provide control over the crisis intervention.
  • A security guard directed the management of safety and protection and recovery of assets.
  • Security guard equipped with an excellent memory and awareness of the surrounding people, events, and objects. Although in situations of crisis and emergency.
  • Security guard equipped with excellent communication skills who regularly keep detailed records of important events. The experience of testifying in court and assist in the investigation of the police.
  • Guard maintains high ethical standards and honest with supervisors, employees, and customers at all times in relation to suspicious events and security issues.
  • Security guard with strong leadership skills who want a position in the management of safety and security in a team environment.
  • The security guard approached the results-based case-control with caution and careful reasoning. Robust procedures and knowledge of the commission of the criminal law.


Head Security Officer January 2010 – Present

  • Monitor 400+ local hospitals to detect and prevent the signs of potential threats and ensure the security of doors and windows.
  • Check and adjust security systems, equipment or machinery to ensure operational use and to detect signs of tampering.
  • train all-new standard operating procedures for security hospital security staff.
  • Keep a daily record of irregularities such as damage to property, theft, presence of unauthorized persons or unusual events.
  • Time management security teams with an average annual savings of $ 4,000 preliminary form.

SAFE Inc. Houston, TX 
Security Guard September 2007 – December 2009

  • Patrol local and adjacent areas.
  • Direct marketing and from the main building.
  • Safety inspections to eliminate any negative activities.
  • Check the card personnel before entering the building.
  • Investigate and report any adverse actions.
  • Take appropriate action where necessary.


B.S. in Criminal Justice, June 2007


Fluent in both English and Spanish
Physically adept, holding a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt


Arkansas Armed Security Guard License: 2007 – Present
Arkansas State Driver’s License: 2002 – Present
CPR certification, American Red Cross: 2007 – Present

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