Professional Security Guard Job Description Sample

Security guard job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Security is one of the greatest concerns today. Not only is there a threat from terrorist organizations, but there has also been a significant increase in antisocial behavior. Another important reason for increasing crime is the lack of employment. There are fewer jobs; therefore, there is no money and people commit crimes. Thus, we need a security guard in public places and areas sensitive to criminal activity.

Many people go into in the security provision business. This job does not require a lot of educational qualifications, but it pays well because of the included risk factors. Security is a very close area of ​​action; there are many private companies that provide security for the rich and famous. They also pay their security guard very well and give them health benefits. That is why this area is very useful for many people.

There is also a position for the security guard in government places as well. They have to protect state buildings, but the number of jobs in this area is minimal compared to the private sector.

Duties and Responsibilities of Security Guard

  • Guarding the place or person they are assigned to protect
  • If they are assigned to protect an area, they must protect the area from thieves and intruders
  • If the place is a public area, they must be attentive to any negative element that disturbs the peace of the area
  • They also have to control the public if they carry any bombs or weapons
  • They have to look for suspicious items, such as unpacked bags that might be bombs
  • Using the arms that are provided for them responsibly; Security guards are been given nightsticks, paper spray, rifle and sometimes, real weapons
  • In the event that they are assigned to protect an individual, they must protect the person’s life
  • If there is an attack on this person, they must protect it without worrying about their own safety
  • They are armed with firearms and impermeable vest; they must use the gun responsibly
  • They should avoid behavior that could endanger the lives of their clients
  • In their contract, they must be promised to keep everything they know secretly about their client while protecting them
  • The guard must inform his security company about his client
  • Protect the corporate property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment
  • Lookout for the signs of a crime or disturbance and investigate any interference
  • Actively act in direct defense of life or property
  • Catch the criminals and expel the offenders
  • Take special notes about unusual events
  • Report any suspicious incident
  • Patrol randomly or regularly within the building and perimeter
  • Monitor and control access to the entrance to the building and the door of the vehicle
  • Watch alarm systems or video cameras and use detecting/emergency equipment

Qualifications Required For The Position Of Security Officer

  • High school graduate
  • Must be able to use weapons
  • Must be equipped with weapons and explosives

Additional Skills

  • It would be useful if they knew at least one form of martial arts
  • Should be tall and well-built, they must practice regularly
  • They should have good stability, in case they chase the predator
  • Must be as brave as the work involves a lot of risks
  • Should be prepared to work in different teams
  • They must have a calm attitude and good human ability as they have to communicate with many people