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Radiologic Technologist works closely with the doctors and takes X-rays in accordance with the instructions of the doctor. They X-rays to diagnose the affected area of ​​the problem. However, they have to be careful, because radiation exposure can cause other complications such as cancer. Therefore, radiologists must cover all parts of patients with aluminum plates that protect against radiation. Photographs taken later are washed and developed. They show what is wrong and radiologists are reporting accordingly.

In addition, they are used for radiation treatment. The best example is the treatment of cancer. The party needs to radiation in a controlled environment. The dose is determined by the doctor and the radiologist in concert with others. The specific amount of radiation then gives. Another form of treatment is the insertion of radioisotopes. These isotopes are controlled by radiologists.

The radiologist must be extremely efficient with technology. They work mainly with technology and therefore has to know all the latest technology and medical equipment. Radiologists also know how to use other equipment, such as MRI and CT. These teams have replaced old machines for X-rays and more comfortable to methods of patient scans.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Radio logic Technologist Resume

  • They have to take X-rays of patients sent to them by doctors.
  • They must ensure the complete safety of the patient and themselves when the X-ray exposure to radiation is very harmful.
  • They should base the X-rays to the patient and the doctor reports.
  • They must know how to use MRI and CT machines and also more.
  • They should be able to use all the latest technology machinery.
  • For patients who are inserted radioisotopes should be monitored closely and see their evolution.
  • For patients who receive radiation from them, they have to give doses, and their doctors should remain in agreement with.
  • They must coordinate with other specialists also.

Radiologic Technologist Resume Example

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Objective: Very capable Radiologic Technologist with years of experience in the development of radiological films clinical diagnosis, such as regular diagnostic procedures in accordance with the policy, protocol and departmental procedures and raise standards of practice.

Qualifications Summary:

  • Unique ability to work with diagnostic radiology equipment under the supervision of radiologists and other health care providers to create radiological studies that are used in the diagnosis and treatment.
  • Thorough knowledge of policies and related regulations, as well as the ability to understand and use properly work performance.
  • Excellent knowledge of radiation chemistry, physics and the use of hazardous substances.
  • Good knowledge of interrogation techniques and the use of tools.
  • Good knowledge of laboratory procedures and policies.
  • Specific knowledge of physiology and anatomy, space radiation, radiology protocol and control the situation, CDC protocols, radiation safety procedures.
  • Broad defensive knowledge of maintenance and breakdowns for X-ray equipment.
  • Ability to use sensitometers and other related equipment.
  • Excellent ability to keep proper and accurate records relating to the service.
  • Depth ability to test the quality of the results and confirmed the results of previous tests.
  • Excellent ability to successfully speak with the health of people, patients and other members of the public.
  • Profound methods and regular surgery medical office management relating to clinical knowledge.
  • Incredible skills in the use and maintenance of radiographic equipment.
  • Deep ability to prepare the patient for radiography and creating high-quality images.
  • Strong ability to effectively keep track of the library and delete images in accordance with the regulations.

Professional Background

ABC Medical Center Quinn, SD (2011 – Present)
Radiology Technologist

Highlights of Performance:

  • Checking radiological technique, and conventional treatment and specialized equipment for mammographic examinations.
  • Working for the management and quality assurance program to help patients and the accuracy and completeness of records in the imaging division.
  • Explaining the procedures of the process for patients.
  • Performing radiological tests using special methods to small doses, positions patients, select and place the technical equipment and control factors taking into account the physical differences between patients and create significant exhibitions for this process.
  • Making sure that sterile materials, contract materials, local anesthetics, catheters and other necessary equipment is available and distributed.
  • Protecting records maintenance, equipment service calls, and quality control measure.
  • Keeping statistics on radiological studies.
  • Organizing the work of other technicians when procedures require more than one person.
  • Supporting vocational training for staff and new students and providing input to supervisors about working workout.

ABC Medical Center Gridley, CA (2007 – 2011)
Radiology Technologist

Highlights of Performance:

  • Treated monitoring and diagnosis developed for image.
  • Cooperated with radiologists for assessment tests.
  • Used equipment by adjusting the exposure of radiation, depending on the duration of treatment – Ensures that all safety precautions and regulations in carrying out the diagnosis are followed.
  • Organized examination room and notice that all the equipment was available.
  • Performed administrative tasks from front and back – patients registered, schedule management, maintenance and documented records of patients’ conditions.
  • Attended to junior staff with new equipment provides a detailed overview.

Educational Qualifications

University of Hawaii
CRT/Flouro certification, BLS certification, ARRT certification

References – Available on request

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