Purchasing Manager Resume Sample

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Purchasing Manager is responsible for buying the best quality equipment, goods and services at affordable prices to allow a company or organization to function. They work in many sectors for many different organizations; often oversee supply chain management and procurement, sometimes worldwide.

Through effective negotiating issues, networking and management, procurement managers can help companies or organizations to save money and increase profits. They also deal with other factors such as sustainability, risk management and ethical issues.

Skills Required for Purchasing Manager

  • Good oral and written communication;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Commercial awareness;
  • The ability to adapt to different customer needs and to develop and maintain effective working relationships;
  • Excellent level of arithmetic to analyse the facts and figures;
  • Talent for negotiation and networking;
  • The ability to make important decisions and deal with the pressure of demanding goals and tight deadlines;
  • Safe and mature approach;
  • Tact and diplomacy.

Purchasing Manager Resume Example

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A self achiever who has a strong work ethic, and who is an expert on cost reduction when buying products or services that are essential to society. Having a long history of developing leading solutions on the market purchase. Able to analyze market information and build a strategic plan, while being able to run tactical. As a born leader, always ready to accept any level of responsibility that comes with the job and determined to get value for money on everything you buy.


Purchasing Manager – January (2010 – present)
ABC Inc. – Coventry, NC


  • Work at a higher level, in cooperation with all parties to find solutions to complex problems acquisitions.
  • Handle high-quality writing, articulated proposals, reports, and presentations.
  • Make sure all controls are registered.
  • Manage all petty cash transactions.
  • Support organizational changes to improve business processes.
  • Supervise all contracts with suppliers.
  • Process payments and receipts.
  • Develop a strategy for procurement.
  • Make sure that inventory levels are appropriate for the company.
  • Negotiate contracts with third parties and suppliers.
  • Develop relations with suppliers.
  • Monitor delivery to suppliers.
  • Report to managers and executives.
  • Plan future requirements.
  • Consider proposals for competitive prices, terms, and quality.
  • Develop strategies for solving a wide range of regulatory requirements and stakeholders.

Supervise the execution of the order.
Purchasing Manager (July 2007- November 2009)
ABC Inc. – Coventry, NC


  • Developed the supply and procurement plans.
  • Synchronized supply chain activities, coordination of suppliers and internal business services.
  • Developed and managed by the purchasing department, advise members of the team.
  • Went to the market to collect information related to the raw materials available and alternatives and costs.
  • Listed investigation sellers in the market, suitable for business and selected for optimum production.
  • Located sources around the world and build strong relationships with suppliers and vendors in the market.
  • Obtained and analyzed the production and delivery time for each delivery to predict the future availability.
  • Represented the company in the market, and buying materials. Negotiating with suppliers to get the best purchase price.
  • Developed a friendly and professional relationship with suppliers to achieve long-term benefits.
  • Documented and maintained files, including all purchasing information and details relating to the supply of raw materials.


  • General understanding of the legal framework of procurement and contract law.
  • Experience in international acquisitions.
  • The ability to provide sound analysis of statistical data.
  • Strong skills in trade negotiations with the ability to influence others.
  • The ability to work and function in a team.
  • Control using Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.


Central California University
Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Commerce/ Purchasing & Supply Management

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