Public Relations Cover Letter Sample

Public Relations Cover Letter Sample

Look over a sample of public relations cover letter. Here are writing guides, including what to include and how to format. Feel free to copy-paste and edit for your job application.

 Every one of us wants to hold a very positive and good image in the eyes of the world. While a normal individual doesn’t have to put so much effort in making sure that people see him as a role model or inspiration, a person who is a celebrity or is somehow an important figure of the society has to do a lot in order to hold that image. This is where Public relation managers come in the scenario. They work for the clients that hire them to make sure that nothing bad goes into the eyes of the public. They are like personal secretaries who handle all the public stuff of the clients. Their interviews, appointments, public appearances, and statements are all planned out before. So the role of a Public Relations manager is very critical and important.

While writing a Public Relations Cover Letter, mention your academic record and your experience. It is recommended that you must acquire a degree in public relation or journalism before opting for this career. An overview of your character is an essential part of the cover letter. You can give a little insight of your tactics to deal with the public issues as well. Here is an example that you can follow while writing a public relations cover letter.

Public Relations Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I completely understand the role of a public relation manager and coordinator and I would like to apply myself for this post as you have given an ad for this post in the newspaper. I have worked with several high profile clients in the last 18 years and I know how to manage all the stuff including the client’s personal and professional life.

I am an experienced individual who has been working in this since his graduation from the University of Canberra. I did my bachelors in journalism and Masters in public relations from the same university. Over the course of 18 years, I have excellent public speaking and communication skills that allow me to interact with the press and the public effectively.

I am a very punctual person myself and I know the value of time so I make sure that my time management with the client is top notch. I have excellent copywriting skills and can initiate a good marketing campaign in order to improve the value and image of my client in the eyes of the public.

I have good communicating and persuading skills that allow the client to share their feelings with me and using them I can work with them more effectively.

I am a big fan of social media and I use it as well for my professional purposes. I create the campaigns for my clients in social media as well to make sure that people know about them and like them. My skills make me the best candidate for this job.

Contact me on my email id or phone number.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely yours,


**This is only the receptionist cover letter sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.