Police Officer Resume Sample

Free Police Officer Resume Sample

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Some Duties and Responsibilities of a Police Officer

A police officer, also known as a policeman, a police officer is an employee of a right guaranteed by the police force. The duties of a policeman, also known as a man of the law, with emphasis on the protection of persons and property.

Police officers patrol the areas that they, sometimes including the full jurisdiction, answer calls, enforce laws, arrest, issues citations and sometimes testify in court proceedings.

They often make traffic stops, respond to domestic disturbances, and sometimes provide first aid to a person injured in an accident or an internal conflict until the paramedics arrive. Much of their time is divided between patrols, write reports and fill out forms. 

The following resume template can be also utilized for a police cadet, state police, and detective.

Police Officer Resume Example

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Education and Training

University of Pittsburg – 2007
Bachelors of Arts – Criminal Law

Law Enforcement Academy Graduate – 2008
Field Training Program
Plainfield, Indiana

Law Enforcement Skills / Knowledge

  • Criminal law
  • Human Behavior
  • Research on domestic violence
  • Evidence Gathering
  • firearms
  • defensive tactics
  • Traffic Law
  • Accident Investigation
  • crime prevention
  • Work vehicles
  • Rules of the community
  • Hazardous materials response

Career Achievements

  • Elected regional representative of the Association of State Police in 2011. In 2013, he was elected as a state representative of the National Police Federation.
  • Founders Sober – supported community organization that processes personal tragedies related to drinking and driving.
  • Interim project manager for the integration of GIS and 911 in the existing network of emergency phone at the municipal and county level.


  • A police officer with a reliable vehicle designed to save lives, increase community safety and crime reduction.
  • Motivated policeman committed to serve and protect its citizens from crime and dangerous activities. Thorough training in conflict prevention and crisis.
  • A police officer versed in handling a wide range of difficult situations with a calm temperament and head level.
  • A quick-thinking worker trained to assess risk and make critical decisions under extreme pressure from the police.
  • Astute policeman focused on creating greater city safer for all panoramas. A strong background in criminal justice.
  • Safe practice measures dedicated to security and conflict resolution techniques policeman manage situations of crisis and emergency.
  • A very effective means towards the direction of top police and mentoring junior officers. Believes that the willingness to learn and focus on teamwork are the essential characteristics of officials responsible for law enforcement

Law Enforcement / Career Experience

Westwood Police Department, Los Angeles, CA 10/2011 – present


Maintenance of geographical applications and systems Los Angeles Police Department, including those used to analyze the fingerprint profile crime and road safety. Speaker of the ministry of local community organizations that explain the programs addressing drug abuse, driving under the influence and petty crime among young people. Directly responsible for the supervision and training of three junior officers in the areas of crime prevention skills and evidence gathering. Choose and served as a representative of the Ministry of Municipal.

Bridgewater Police Department, Bridgewater, NY 11/2006 – 10/2011

Traffic Officer

Responsible for the maintenance of municipal strategies and analyzes traffic patterns during the morning rush. I was considered an expert in the department of traffic law when referring to the construction of local roads. Maintaining distribution and scheduling department for work time control/tremor and traffic management meters. Received three grants from the Commission’s Road Safety in New York to study and current knowledge on traffic patterns ideal suburban areas.

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