22 Resume Examples for Art/ Design/ Media Industry

Resume Examples for Art/ Design/ Media Industry

Art / Design / Media Resume Examples

If you are a creative person and looking for a job in an Art/Design or Media firm, the first thing you need to do is applying in different companies. And the most important aspect of using any job is your resume. If you have excellent qualifications and you know your work, but you have made a poor resume, there is a good chance that you are going to miss the job. Because the employer decides for the interview call based on your resume. So, you should be careful about your resume.

What is the Work of an Art/Design/Media Executive?

This is a creative position of any business. If he business is online based, then the designer needs to work for different campaigns. The designer is responsible for creating engaging designs. Some typical jobs are brochure design, leaflet design, business card design, web design, etc. The work varies from business to business. In some companies, the art or the design executive also need to make presentation templates, logo designing, etc. Companies need someone who can create unique media files for them.

What are the Requirements of an Art Executive Position?

For this position, creativity is the pre-condition. If your works are, as usual, you can’t get a job. But if you have unique ideas about art and design, you will get a better position. If you have worked on different projects, it will be an advantage for you. Also, the company may ask you for some work examples to ensure your qualification. Though educational qualification is not the main fact, if you have a degree related to design and art, it will keep you ahead of others. For higher positions, it is necessary to have an excellent previous work track.

How Much Money Make an Art Designer?

Salary of a creative designer depends on the type of the company and the work skills of the designer. However, if you are a mid-level graphics expert, then you can make from $78,000 to 100,000 per year. Based on performance and the position of the designer, the salary increases day by day. If you are a beginner level designer, then you can make up to $50,000 per year. Keep in mind that your salary depends on your skill. So, no matter what kind of degree do you have, try to be creative in your works.

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How to Make a Resume for the Art / Design / Media Position?

The resume of an art designer will be different from others. Here you need to present your skills clearly so that the employer understand why you are the appropriate candidate for the post. Include all your skills and organize them in the right way. If you have a degree related to designing, mention it in the educational qualification. Make your resume creative and professional.

Should I Use a Resume Template?

If you want to save your time and increase the chance of getting an interview call, you can use a resume template. In an Art/Design/Media resume template, everything will be included. You don’t have to format the CV. The only thing you will do is replacing the information with yours.

  1. Freelance Translator
  2. Painter
  3. Copywriter
  4. Interpreter
  5. Freelance Writer
  6. Creative Director
  7. Video Editor
  8. Graphic Artist
  9. Web Designer
  10. Industrial Designer
  11. Interior Designer
  12. Architect Resume
  13. Journalist Reporter
  14. Photographer
  15. Fashion Designer
  16. Fashion Model
  17. Film Production Assistant
  18. Creative Director
  19. Make-up Artist
  20. Art Director
  21. Graphic Designer
  22. Technical Writer

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