Paramedic Job Description Sample

Paramedic job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Paramedics are professional medical emergency response agents qualified for making a quick rapid diagnosis and provide emergency medical help to victims of accident cases, violence and sudden illnesses such as heart attacks or stroke.

They also provide fast health care facilities and quick controlled transfers, allowing patients to remain stable while in transit using advanced equipment and medical experience.

Paramedic Job Description

Paramedics respond to emergency calls and work under strong pressure. Very often, their hard work can make a difference between life and death. As you probably know, paramedics spend most of their time in the ambulance, which has substantial medical supplies and are equipped with emergency equipment such as oxygen masks, ventilators and defibrillators for ease of respiration. These dynamic doctors clean, dress and bandage less and major injuries.

They usually work as a team with one or two other qualified ambulance technicians and paramedics. They are trained in advanced driving techniques, emergency medical procedures, and drug administration.

However, it’s not just sirens, blinking blue lights, and driving at speeds. After playing high-octane events, paramedics have to write incident reports, clean their vehicles, and maintain equipment in their ambulance.


Their work varies greatly depending on the patient and the condition, but in general, they need to:

  • Provide urgent treatment on the way to a hospital or on the scene.
  • Using technical equipment including ventilators and defibrillators to treat heart failure, increase and stabilize patients.
  • Perform certain surgical procedures, such as intubation (insertion of breathing tubes).
  • Monitor the condition of the patient
  • Decide whether a patient needs hospitalization and evaluate how to convey patients and where the best place for them is.
  • Maintain contact with members of other emergency services such as police, fire brigade and coastal guard and other emergency services to ensure an adequate level of response.
  • Works closely with doctors and nurses in hospital emergency departments and urges when the patient arrives at the hospital;
  • Dealing with members of the public and family present in the place.
  • Clean, decontaminate and check vehicles and equipment to maintain operational readiness.
  • Provide care assistance for patients in hospitals or health centers.
  • Make a full note of the case and report the patient’s history, condition and treatment to the hospital staff concerned.


  • Proven experience working as a paramedic
  • Knowledge of medical procedures, terminology and medicines
  • Ability to stay calm and make the right decision in unfavorable conditions
  • Adaptable with a high degree of resistance
  • Excellent working knowledge of medical equipment and devices
  • Integrity and compassion for human pain
  • Valid driving license
  • Authorized CPR Instructor
  • Diploma from high school with paramedic license is necessary


You will need:

  • Gentle attitude and extroverted and useful personality.
  • Responsible and highly motivated approach to work.
  • Good interpersonal skills for dealing with patients, their friends and family and members of the public.
  • Strong teamwork skills to work with other team and hospital staff.
  • Oral and written communication capabilities for reporting purposes.
  • Excellent driving skills.
  • Initiatives and decision-making abilities in pressure situations.
  • Calm and encouraging approach.
  • Good general ability to undergo lifting of patients and equipment.
  • Ability to connect with people of different socioeconomic origin, race, religion and culture.