Operating Room Nurse Resume Sample

Here is a sample of operating room nurse resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for an operating room nurse.


Operating room nurse ensures the provision of adequate medical care in surgical patients before, during and after surgery. Responsibilities include administering drugs intravenously and orally at the time, monitoring of recovery after the operation, planning of care appropriate for each case, depending on the patient’s needs and ensure full implementation of the Plan of Care. A compassionate person with a strong verbal power and multitasking capabilities is essential.

The nurse helps the operating room several processes that occur in the operating room. All necessary before, during and after surgery manage them. They are the ones who are more in contact with the patients, which should be carried out operations. They help patients understand what to do with them and why surgery is necessary. In addition to prepare patients mentally, and make sure that the operating room is equipped with all the necessary tools and medical equipment. They are a member of the surgical team that operated patients.

Working as an operating room nurse, you must complete a certain level of degree. After you need to work for a year as an intern and get certified nurse working. Before applying for certification, complete 2,600 hours of experience is required.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Operating Room Nurse Resume

  • Excellent preparation and surgical care skills.
  • Spoken and written command.
  • Strong assessment and coordination skills.
  • Experienced Postoperative Care.
  • The ability to explain and to put patients at ease for operation.
  • Experience in assisting surgeons during operations and equipment.


Operating Room Nurse Resume Example


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Hard-working Operating Room Nurse and well prepared enjoys being part of the surgical team, is considered ethical, and accurate resource for complex decisions.

Superior results and improve performance by building a strong physician and successful relationship with the work of medical staff.


  • More than six years of nursing experience.
  • Current license as an RN nurse examiners approved by the Council.
  • Proven ability to perform tests and procedures and documents in response to EMR.
  • Well-versed in the preparation and operation of equipment and instruments for tests, treatments and procedures.
  • Process control and sterilization procedures.
  • Practical experience in providing health care with compassion for post-operation patients.


  • Formulated and implemented a program that provides personal care in the perioperative period.
  • The organization of workshops for patients in surgery and post to facilitate education.


ABC HOSPITAL – Union Mills, IN
Operating Room Nurse | (April 2011 – Present)

  • Provide care for patients with special needs.
  • Manage complex coordination of attention with nurses.
  • Perform the work according to the list of doctors.
  • Explain to patients needs and operating procedures.
  • Prepare the patient and operating room.
  • Carry out documenting procedures during all phases of operation.
  • Consult with teams of health care for assessment, planning and developing patient care plans in the pre and post-operation period.
  • Conduct a training workshop.
  • Provide basic bedside care.
  • Prepare and administering by intravenous, subcutaneous and oral medications.
  • Prepare procedures of operations to operate equipment and instruments.

XYZ HOSPITAL – Union Mills, IN
Operating Room Nurse | (May 2009 – March 2011)

  • Worked with surgical team for successful operation.
  • Managed care for all kinds of physical and mental health problems.
  • Managed preoperative assessment of the implementation and set up of operating theaters.
  • Encouraged patients to accept an easy transition to the operational phase.
  • Replied patients for surgery.
  • monitored vital signs after surgery and distributed appropriately.


ABC SCHOOL OF NURSING – Union Mills, (IN – 2007)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Majors: Surgical Nursing

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