Professional Music Teacher Resume Sample

Here is a sample of music teacher resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a music teacher, piano teacher, classical musician, private music teacher, violin teacher, and private teacher.

Music Teacher Job Description

Music teacher provides vocal, instrumental and music training to his students. They work at many different levels teaching a variety of musical skills to the individuals and groups. They may work part time or full time at home, in a school, studio, university, college or music conservatory. The music teacher helps the students in understanding the basic music principles, like melody, tempo, and beat. They help the students in learning time signatures, different music notes and musical styles like jazz, classical and pop. The job of a musical teacher is highly reputed one in the market. The earnings are also good and it is a respectful profession.

Music Teacher Skills

School music teacher may perform extra work such as teaching, rehearsal and concerts before/after school, or at end of the week. They work mostly in classrooms and the practice rooms. Private music teachers often tend to work evenings and weekends on their own or learners’ house.

An aspiring music teacher must have the following skills:

  • Passionate about his job
  • Good knowledge of music notes and music styles
  • Ability to guide and support students as well as adults
  • Excellent skills of writing, verbal communication and interpersonal interaction
  • Good knowledge of musical instruments
  • Full commitment to his job
  • Have the high level of personal musicianship
  • Be capable of motivating and inspiring learners
  • Be always self-disciplined and organized
  • Be enthusiastic about music and have the strong wish for teaching

Music Teacher Resume Example with Experience

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Certified music teacher offering over twenty years’ experience working with students in both western and classical music, distinguished by professionalism and perfect communication skills, demonstrated in pleasant personality and effective listening abilities. Well organized and able to develop positive relationships with parents, students, and teachers to ensure the success of students and school.


  • Expertise in singing and playing musical instruments such as guitar, drums, and piano
  • Well acquainted with music composition
  • Good at writing lyrics and composing music for the same
  • Excellent stage performer
  • Expertise in training students as per their abilities, interests, etc.
  • Also, excel at analyzing the potential in students and training and motivating them to excel in music


ABC Co., Ltd. Toronto (2015 – Present)
Music Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and present engaging lessons for all music classes.
  • Plan, create, organize, rehearse musical performances (consisting of singing, movement, creative dramatics, instruments, etc.) for various grade levels (PK-5) to present to parents and the public.
  • Train students in playing different musical instruments.
  • Conduct auditions and select students for participation in concerts and competitions.
  • Select students for the school musical band.
  • Conduct exams and grade students based on their performance in the same.
  • Provide music instruction for grades 9-12 in choral and instrumental music.
  • Assist with the musical preparation of the marching band.
  • Supervise and direct the pep band for football games.
  • Maintain and repaire musical instruments.
  • Provide music instruction for grades 6-8 in instrumental music.
  • Serve as the Visual and Performing Arts Department chair.
  • Direct both school and church choirs and served as head organist
  • Develop a curriculum and instruct music enrichment classes and group piano classes for grades K-8.
  • Provide private piano lessons and band instrument lessons.


Bachelor’s of Music Education, 2006
University of Ohio Ohio

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